Dec 17, 2012


This baby just woke up from her afternoon nap. I was about to get her water bottle til she sneakily went to my study table. My books always, I mean always, get doodled = = Teacher often see me to ask about the doodle on my homeworks.

"Priscilla, why is your book full of conteng?"

" sister did it"

"Your sister? How old is your sister?"


"Well, you better keep your homeworks away from her if not it'll get conteng again"

"*giggles* HEH"

Most of the time, my essays got doodled = = Damnit. Oh and that was my english teacher asking me that ahhaha. I suddenly miss her :D Wonder if she'll be teaching us next year? :)

So I was about to get her water bottle til she went up my study table. It wasn't my homeworks there but still. I just did some art work and the brushes are still on the table!!!! Please don't paint my phone!!! no.

Me: Come down. Put back(the brush).

Apple: *cries and hug bolster*

Me: Nah drink water lah.

Apple: *stop crying already*

Me: Nah biscuits for you lah.

Apple: *more calm already*

Me: Haha you feet so small.

Me: Wah jie jie's hand bigger than you hahaha.

She a little bit also cry de. I didn't even raise my voice. Meh cry baby. Haha sometimes she very funny one :P

JANG JANG! I added a new poster to my wall. P!nk! I just can't get enough of Try :) Great song.

My messy table. Fyi, I didn't do addmaths. I tried though. But I end up on youtube. Notice the youtube channel at my phone?

Jayessleetv and Jayesslee youtube channel. I've been viewing almost every video. I just love how joyful and happy they look. And congratulations to both of them for getting married!!! Andymetsonia, please upload more videos!! :D

Oh and the art work that I mention just now. Randomly did it. Est was requesting me to do some art works so she could paste on her wall. Of course I'll do lah :D I was feeling artistic anyways hahahah. I decide to give her some motivational words ^^v

And this was done by Est yesterday. Blurry ah. HAHAH LOOK AT HER EYES :P

Then  I asked Apple to pose with the words.



But at least can see her face liao.

#3 Not bad liao!!!


This was the best -.-

She don't like the camera I guess. So bad one you Apple! Bad Apple. Lol geddit? Bad Apple? hahahahah

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