Dec 23, 2012


A little update for you guys about my Christmas. Just recently we went for some Christmas shopping and to get some school stuff. I didn't know Christmas shopping was this fun. Mom even bought very pretty wrappers for us to wrap our presents. I've never go Christmas shopping before. It's my first time to be said. But because this year we plan to exchange gifts, so we get to shop! I didn't know Christmas shopping was this much fun because you get to buy gifts for your loved ones! It's that kind of happiness and joy that  couldn't express out :)

Mom got Apple's name! Here she is, choosing a present for her :D

Greedy. Greedy Apple. Kept hugging her idol = = She carries Barney throughout the whole shopping process. On and off, she drops her Barney because it's quite heavy for her so Est change Barney's size quite a lot of times.

PORORO. It came to my liking even more when I watch Running Man.
Immediately I'll think of Dong Hoon aka Haroro :D

and her is Est with Barney and.....a Barbie bottle?!!!


She knew mom is going to buy her a present then out of all things, she ask mom to buy her.....a Barbie bottle. She kept requesting mom to buy it for her = =

She say it's pretty = = wtf. Little girl. Here, I ask her to pose since she can't buy it might as well pose with it.

"Barney, why didn't you call me? Don't you ever leave me again! You got it?!"

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