Dec 16, 2012

Lil' house warming

I just came home from my cousin's house warming. It was a nice and decent place. It's prolly a very new housing area. Our families from Mentakab came over for the house warming. It's like a small family gathering.

It was nice seeing my cousins, my aunts and uncles. Mom was the happiest. She get to chat with her sisters and catching up with each other and all.

My lil cousin bro played the piano to entertain us. Good job bro!

We took a small tour around the house. It was well decorated. Gave a modern and sophisticated feel. The ambiance was great.

Haha! Lil' Apple and Stacey playing the piano. Both of them are actually from different generations although they are only a year gap of age. Apple belongs to the 3rd generation where as baby Stacey here is from the 4th generation. What a gap! Stacey is gonna call Apple aunty. AUNTY APPLE OI.

We were there to celebrate baby Stacey's birthday as well! The words on the cake is quite cute. Rather than the usual Happy Birthday, her dad requested this! :D

She is so camera friendly I tell you. Unlike Apple, hmph -.-

Ask her look at me also don't want... Camera shy. Macam yes!!!

Get to watch One HD muahaha.

I love family gatherings. Just love it. I can't wait for a month longer because....*jeng jeng jeng* (sound effect lol), Chinese New Year is coming soon!!! Oh Imma so happy. Even before, my friends and I were having the cny spirit already. I just love Chinese New Year. It's definitely the best festive season ever. Happy and joyful cny songs playing on the radio. Food is always on the table. Family cny movie nights!! Ang paos. Mah jong. And most of all, the family reunion dinner which I always look forward to :)

One more month only!!! Can't wait! :D

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