Dec 30, 2012

Last Sunday of 2012

People kept posting stuffs like this so I thought of using this as my title. It all started since Friday. People started posting "Last Friday of 2012" then, "It's the last Saturday of 2012", so here's "Last Sunday of 2012".

Back to school in 3 days time! Fast much!

On the last Friday of 2012, I had SPBT duties. Knowing that I'll be going to school again made me quite happy. I haven't seen my school for such a long time. It was great seeing it again. It was like meeting an old friend. You can see lots of wild grass have grown on our assembly ground. So messy yet quite amusing to see.

A day before, the SPBT Crew was kinda worry about the BOSS room management. How are we going to give the students their books? Who's in charge at the counter? What time do we start and end? Lots of question marks. And on the same day, I receive quite a number of phone calls from my friends, asking what time should they collect the textbooks and all. So the crew had to arrive 15 minutes earlier. The crew and I all have this same thinking. We wanted to have a small meeting and plan out our management before we start.

 "You're late Pris", Chung Jie said = =

But who knows...all the students came so early... So diligent wei! I expect the students coming around 9am because I figure out they might want to have their holiday sleep first. Once I reach to the BOSS room, everyone started to work already!

Najmi! He looks tired! But still mange to 'peace' lah ;D

Throughout the day, it was so BUSY. NON-STOP BUSY. Never ever I've been so busy. Sigh, blame our weak management. We should have planned and brief the things we should do on that day. Let's just learn from our mistake shall we? :)

Oh and I remember I said something I think is quite YENG :P HAHAHHA.

On that day itself, actually I wanted to accompany Ern to buy some bakery stuff. She's been quite into baking nowadays hahaha (Y). Yee tagged along. Around 10am+ they came to tell me they want to go already but I wasn't finish with my job. I hesitated. Part of me wanted to go but then, I stayed. Deep down, if I leave my crew and go, I feel guilty towards 王老师. So I told them, "如果我去我会觉得对不起老师,你们去啊". YENG MOUUUUUUUUUU?! LOLOLOLOLOL. I was in a drama moment that time hahahahahahhaa.

Notice Jason's and Najmi's hair is so long? Holidays ma, no need cut hair. This guy asked Chung Jie how should he cut his hair.



Have a good Sunday! Tomorrow is New Year Eve already!!! :D

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