Dec 18, 2012

Flashback 22.12.11 (PMR)

YES yet another flashback. This time, it's..
22nd of December 2011
Anyone remembers this date?

Made another skitch for a blog post again.
This is actually very sloppy compare to this.

Anyhow. Back to the topic. 

Okay, I tried to show a afraid-face. since it's THE BIG DAY wth?

My friends and I were all texting each other.
"Oi you reach already ma?"
"What time you guys going?"
"You wear school uniform or what?"
"Aiyah, I wear t-shirt! Teacher won't tak bagi our result one la" lol

Yee arrived first on that day haha. I was the second to arrive.

WOAH, the tables and chairs awaiting the students. It somehow looks quite intimidating that day.

Rush all the way from her hometown to THE RED LETTER DAY hahaaha. I missed her so much that day.

Later on, the others arrive. I felt like its a reunion that time MyEm0.Com

We all made a bet lol.
"Who cries need to pay RM1!!!"

WheeeMyEm0.Com group photo. While waiting for the results.

SOON, many other students have arrive. We heard that the teachers will arrive at 10.30/11pm with the results. All waiting and waiting. Inside feeling so nervous.

SUDDENLY, we saw the teachers. OMG OMG OMG. We saw our class teacher, Puan Sapura. Yee was the first to ran towards her lol. She paling nervous punya. Okay, later on many of my classmates also ran towards teacher.

I remembered very clearly, Linghes was the first one who approach teacher to get his result. Everyone was already surrounding teacher but yet no one dares to take one step front to get their results. Linghes was the first. Duh, he is a very confident guy I know and of course he is one of the most capable one in our class.
And yes, he got straight A's :)

Second was Yee, hoho. I was right next to her. She also got straight A's :) Smarty, I knew you could do it!

Next was Aimi, the quiet brainy in my class. No doubt, easy straight A's for her :)

AND THEN, IT WAS ME! WTH. Wait wait, or was it Peiern first? Ya I guess it was Peiern first.
She got straight A's too :) YEAH babeh, so happy for you! :D

"Ha..Ketua Kelas cikgu."
*nervous* *smile*
She search for my name in the stack of slips.

Teacher took it out.

"Terima Kasih cikgu!"
Signed, received slip.
Okay, done. HAHAHAH.

My friend Chungjie, didn't get it. It's ok, there is still always SPM :)

I then make my way through to the others. Met up with Yee, Peiern, Voonwei.
Voonwei asked us to guess her results.She was the only one left, results unknown.
At that time, we saw her wasn't good. We were kinda worry.
Yee and I, "Er...6 A's?"
The only reason we both say that was because BM and BC was the least confident subject for her.
"I got 8 A's leh MyEm0.Com"
Immediately, I felt like crying. It was too touching.
Then we all called our parents. Everyone cried when they make the phone call.
The girl herself, Voonwei :)

You could see her eyes quite wet :P

It was raining that time.

Oh ya, then saw Birthday Girl Tiffany

What a birthday Tiffany, PMR Results Day on your birthday! Haha.
Dear Peiern, don't blame me for this photo. You sendiri jump into this photo HAHAHA.

A photo with our beloved class teacher! :D

Later on, we all went for karaoke! It was raining. Thank you to Chungjie's mom for fetching us there. So gald to have LCD joining us for the first time. He's been longing to join us to go karaoke. Glad you joined, LCD ;D

Eating lunch. Haha now can fang xin eat already.

my LOLY's ♥ ! I can't believe I'll be able to get as good results as you guys T.T
Altogether, 30A's hehe.
Paiseh, bragging for awhile. Just too happy that time. It's not everyday I could get such results.

LCD kept singing, don't want to take picture with me. Aiyoh! 

LOLY again :P

Yan Yan and I :)

Next? Snowflake!

Everyone's favourite? Best seller (Y)

After dessert, we went to Giza jalan jalan..

That day was 3 days before Christmas.
Yan Yan blocked Chungjie liao lol.

It was really a nice day. Spending it with my friends. Time really flies.. It seems like only yesterday I got my result. Now it's almost May, half a year. I'm already in form 4. Another one and a half year til SPM wtf? -..-
Form 4 is way harder then PMR, duh. As we grow up, life gets harder.

I remembered I blogged almost everyday during PMR and before PMR haha. Macam so senang hor?

I missed being form 3 :')
But I like being form 4 too.

I blogged this way backkkkkkkk. I just decide to post it now because tomorrow the PMR students will be getting their results!!! 3 days earlier than us last year. I just wanna say all the best of luck everyone. In the end of the day, the result doesn't's the effort that you've put in. (But with my efforts, I don't think I could get straight A's. It's luck really -.-). There is always SPM still, HEH :D Getting straight A's for PMR is nothing lah. If SPM can get straight A's then I will fly I tell you. Now I'm terrified about SPM :( Two more months til school reopens, two more months til my senior year. HOW TIME FLIES. SOMEBODY STOP IT PLEASE. Stop it then you guys no need to know your PMR results hahahhaa.

All the best ah Huamin, Yan Ming, Xin Yi, Yin Yin, Nazran and other form 3 students! :D

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