Dec 8, 2012

Avid reader

I ought to think there is a avid reader of mine. Perhaps one or two (lol). Because hor, I whenever I post up a post just like 3 minutes ago or 5, straight got one person view (and I no share on fb or twittar). I just wanna say I really do appreciate anybody out there who reads my blog.

Aiyah ok lah, you guys sure think, "Cheh one only". That only ONE person could make my day really. But you don't know how happy I got when people start to read my blog. THANK YOU. I feel like jumping even more when sometimes I saw this stranger who list me as one of her favourite blog on her blog. I so gam dong (touched) T^T People actually read/view my blog! 

Lol now I suddenly feel like a bimbo for saying out I feel happy eventhough I have ONE reader.

Okay okay so random hahahahaha. PAISEH AH!

Anyways, it's late now and I gotta sleep and I just suddenly feel like blogging about this because I very happy and shock a anonymous click on my post that I just posted regarding 96line 1st vacation. I am very excited for my upcoming post hope you guys can feel the excitement I'm having! ^o^

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