Dec 15, 2012

96line & Penang!!!

Day Two babeh!

Haven't been updating much because I've been away. Away to Penang. Again. Yeah people! Apparently, after the 3D 2N Penang Trip with 96line, I have yet another trip with my family. A 4D 3N trip in Penang. SO YEAH *wink* It's definitely different going to Penang with my friends and family. With my family, there's no need to worry about anything. With my friends, there's lot to worry lol. Just joking. I just have to worry our food, transport and handling things by ourselves, that's it. I don't have to worry any of these with my family because my parents will handle that hahaha. Still, the whole trip with my clique helps me to gain priceless life experiences. Experiences that could be put in good use in the future.

So let's continue day two shall we? :)

Promised to woke up at 7/8am. Ern's alarm rang so loud til it woke me up. I think we both woke up pretty early. Voon Wei and Tif still dreaming about boys lol ok joking! :P So Ern get to bathe first since she was 3rd yesterday. We then try to woke the two beauties. Luckily they no lazy ass.

Around 8am, all of us(girls) were almost ready. A door came knocking. It was Chung Jie/Lcd! (If not mistaken he really came to knock our door. Or was it the next day? lol) Turns out Dex just woke up and just wanted to shower. Mehh, I thought the guys will be the ones waiting but turns out the other way hahahah. Felt accomplished...somehow...somewhere...deep

We're prepare for day two! Are you? :D

Upon Chungjie's guide, we went to this nice stall that sells 鴨腿面 (duck leg noodles). RM5. They serve chicken drumstick noodles as well.

Morning ladies.

There's this vegetarian stall too in case you are vegetarian. According to Lcd, the taste was not bad, you see his thumbs up lah!! Hahaha.

Next stop; Love Lane!
we went there just for the pictures. But I got quite dumbfounded when I saw it. "Ha? This one ah?". All of us quite zhadao. Oh wells, reach already then snap photo lah!

Love Voonwei's ootd.

My hair so messy wan = = And is that me showing a middle finger? lololol. No, no I'm not ok haha.

Oh about this thing at Love Lane, just last week I went there again with my family and I thought my sister would want to snap some pictures. So we pass by Love Lane, for like two times. I thought my eyes went wrong. But it seems that the two phone booth are...gone. Like gone! Really gone. So weird leh. Don't tell me people vandalize it. What's left was only the middle pole. Both phone booth was gone. So as the "Happily Ever After" sign. Or they only place it on special occasions?

Next we're off to ; Burmese Temple and another temple.
sorry I forgot what the other temple was called.

The architecture of the temples is really well designed. Very detailing. Some of us prayed there.

Where we're to next? Answer ; Penang Hill! aka. Bukit Bendera.

A group photo before going up the railway station. 

For Malaysians, just show your myKad and we will get special offers. As students, we were charged RM4 each. I think we should really make use of all the students privilege offered. We can't be young twice aite? So let's ask for students price wherever we go! wtf. For non myKad people, you gotta pay RM35. So much difference from RM4.

Before we went up, we saw the railway track. From far, it looks like staircase. Very long staircase.


Grab from google.

Then Pei Ern asked, "Ha? We need to climb all the way up ah?". Then meme-bro shoot one word, "SIAO AH". *everybody burst out laughing* Usually in the car, most of us will be busy chit chatting excluding Dex. He sits in the front seat. But although he don't join our chats, he listens! There was once when Pei Ern said, "Wah that building very nice leh", then Dex immediately look out his window after hearing what she said. Pei Ern and I notices!!! We didn't even know he would be attentive towards our conversations. On and off he'll suddenly voice up, just that few words could make us laugh like mad. Hahaha it was fun :)

The view from above!

Group photo after we arrive on top!

Candid group photo. Pei Ern laughed hard at her own duck face. HAHAHAHAHA.

Requested Dex to selca. Must be his first time hahah. He so freaking tall, some more hold the camera so high then all of us have to tip toed wtf. Laughed so much during this selca.

Then we found a place to hang out and just enjoy the fresh air. It was a pondok actually.

There's this funny scene here. Between Dex and Ern. I love this set of photos!!!

#1 I forgot what was she saying. Dex just kept his meme face.

#2 Then Dex said something back.

#3 Snap photo! 

Ah!!! Now I remember what happened. Pei Ern asked if she could pinch his chubby cheeks hahaha. Then Dex said no i guess. Duh, he won't let us pinch one lor! Then I think there's apart where we said his teeth very nice and pretty. And asked why didn't he show much of his teeth. So at #3, he showed his teeth! :D

Then it was Voonwei and mine turn hahaha.

Photo bomber Pei Ern!!!

Dex laughed after she photo bombed and said he salute photo bombers = =

I was really eager to pinch his cheeks thou. SO FREAKIN CHUBBY MOREOVER HE DO THIS FACE!!!

Lepaking. (Y)

Dex too tall, have to bend down. Disadvantage of being tall!!!

All pattern. Can't see anything wan actually. Didn't even put coins in HAHA.

I also pattern since everyone also snap a pattern photo.

Love Tif's ootd too!!! Her profile pic now :D

I just asked them to act normal then Lcd want laugh already. Zhadao.

Wanted to go for the canopy walk. So we asked directions to go there. There was this buggy rides. I thought we could drive it but we can't. A guy will drive us around Penang Hill. Meh no fun.


Duck face Tiffany. muahaha

On our way to the canopy walk so happily when suddenly we saw;

Canopy walk is under maintenance. ftl.

Y the guy no tell us it was under maintenance? ayyy -.-

Sooo we went all the way back down again.

In the next post...

Where are we heading to?

In case you missed out the Day One post, here are the links :)

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