Dec 9, 2012

96line 1st Vacation (Part Two)

After SEABEACH, we walked to our next destination;
#3 Fort Cornwallis

Where Francis Light is at! It was around 5-6pm.

Blue Team with Francis Light. Hello, you look familiar somewhere Mr Francis. Ah, my form two sejarah textbook.

Something for us to play lol.
UP: Lady Lcd and Sir Pei Ern.
DOWN: Meme-bro, Lady with guy face, Floating Lady head, and Sir Pris.

One reason why Dex stood outside instead of placing his face at the hole was because of his height. He's too tall to place his face there although he bend down. I have bricks to stand taller for the guy hahaha.

Man-made twin towers.

Voonwei with her umbrella at Fort Cornwallis.

This tree brings a nostalgic feel, somehow. 


Heading towards a stall selling drinks. Spot his Sungha Jung tee! Big fan.

It was scorching hot that day. In fact, throughout our 3days 2nights stay, it was hot! Day two was slightly neutral. It have the weather we all love. Those windy and mild temperature weather. When we took a seat and gulp into a can of drink, us LOL(Voonwei, Peiern and I), recall back our expedition camp. Because the sun that day was as hot as the expedition camp. 

Bye Fort Cornwallis!

Next, we made our way through a park there to get to a bus stop nearby. In the park, we spot many fun-looking exercise equipment. Pei Ern did some exercise there haha, or rather play. Meme-bro wanted to have a closer look or something (i guess), there were chains that act as a border between the walk way and the exercise equipment. He just walk towards the 'invisible' chains and almost trip. He said out loud, "Invisible chains!". We all laughed like mad, especially Voon Wei hahahaha. It wasn't invisible at all haha, it's just that he didn't look where he was walking :P I don't know why, but it was really funny! HAHAHA

Waiting for CAT.

The sun setting.

#4 Chew Jetty

Chew Jetty :)

I like the whole surroundings which is full of wooden houses built on the sea.

Found our first mural painting which is really famous in Penang. Located at Chew Jetty.

Beach again. We just love the beach.

At the jetty there, I saw two uncles chit-chatting in their boat. It was such an enjoyable moment. Oh man, I wanted to rent a boat and just enjoy the baby waves and chit-chat while enjoying the scenic sunset.

Then it was time for dinner. Stomach started to growl. We went to a nearby hawker centre.

It's gotta be one of the most decorated hawker centre I've ever been. Wow. I had a plate of char kuey teow.

Then, we took CAT back to our hotel again. We girls fought for the bathroom hahahah. Mehh I got last. We were all quite sticky after walking for the whole day.  


It was around 9pm when we all were ready to go out again. This time, we're going to 1st Avenue to catch a movie! In KL, we couldn't catch any night movies together because of transport problems. But now, it's just walking distance from our hotel! Boom babeh, jackpot. So easy and convenient.

Life of Pi!

All of us laughed at Lcd at how he wears that jacket which made him look like a burglar or something. Hahaha. When he wear his hat ah, looks more alike I tell you!!

Sorry lah, first time buy so many movie tickets. have to snap for a while.

We asked why he don't want to buy those milk teas or something instead buying a cup of gas drink. He said, because the cup is larger. ah~ -__-

Bought some snacks to go along with the movie.
I forgot every cinema have the NO OUTSIDE FOOD ALLOWED sign. *palm face* But no worries, we got Lcd's big jacket, Dex big shirt, sweaters and Chungjie bag. HAHAHAHA. So smart ah us. I distract the worker there just enough to cover up for them hahaha. Mygod, that was a fun moment! :D We laughed when we successfully passed.

Aha, I just remember something. Lcd mentioned that

When we went in, the movie already start.
Overall, the movie was really good and meaningful. It have a inner message delivered to the audience. It's quite a long movie so better get some snacks :D Can go google search bout the synopsis la! 

Went back to the hotel around 12am+. Took our time to brush our teeth and wash our faces.

Taking turns.

and goodnight people! We are sleepy. lol.
Day one done! :D

Nahh we weren't that sleepy. In fact, we were in owl-mode. Felt so awake and hyper. Voonwei played some games which she claims is terribly hard to win. Tif busy sms. Then later, lights out. Voonwei on some songs and we all talk talk talk and talk. Tif and I end up switching places. I slept with Voonwei while Tif slept with Pei Ern. 

My partner, Voonwei tried to scare me -___- wtf. She know I get scare of 'things' easily so she ask me to see somewhere that might have those 'things', double wtf. Then I don't dare open my eyes -__- But then later I sleep already ahaha, don't want choi her. 

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