Dec 8, 2012

96line 1st Vacation (Part One)

The night before I think most of us were busy with our packing. So last minute -.- Big thanks to Lcd's parents for the transport to 1 Utama. We needed to arrive approximately 30 mins before the bus arrive.
By the time I reach, I got more excited wohoo!

Voonwei whom I thought will arrive the earliest, appears to arrive the last. Apalah.

The night before and that very morning, mom and dad brought me out to have dinner and breakfast. They said they will miss me :P

On the bus! The bus depart around 10.30am. 

Pei Ern sat with Lcd. Tif sat with Chungjie. Dex sat alone at the same row as Pei Ern and Lcd. And I....

With Voon Wei!!! :D

Hahahaha!!! She busy with her phone so I snap photo ^o^

It will be a longggg journey from KL to Penang luckily have movies to watch. My partner get drowsy easily in moving vehicles so she watch movie for awhile then sleep liao. After my movie, I went to dreamland as well lol wtf.

In between, I remember a part where Voon Wei secretly took a photo of Dex sleeping hahahaha. But it was snap from quite a distance. Okay now secret blew off. As I know, only Dex, Voon Wei and I fell asleep in the bus. Others just watch movie, look around and read book. Yah, read book! Mygod, I sure pengsan if read book in a moving vehicle. Geng! (Y)

The only shot I got of the Penang bridge.

We arrived at Komtar around 3pm+. I thought we could arrive around 2.30pm+ but nahh. So we stretch our legs and walked to our hotel. It's just walking distance. Yeahoo :)

Within minutes we were able to reach our hotel! Yay!
Thanks for Chungjie for leading us the way there :D

The receptionist was really friendly. Somehow I remembered saying something to her which made Voonwei or Pei Ern said something about me. A praise perhaps lol. Oh well I can't remember. So then we checked in our hotel. I rushed to see our room. I was the first to open the room door! :D

Tif and Voon Wei on the left queen bed! :D

Pei Ern and I on the right one! :D

I make a visit to the guys room to check out their room. After all of us settled our things, it's time to start our journey!! :D  (Arghhhh so happy)

The lighting at the reception was so nice! Made our skin fairer than ever *evil grin*

Our first stop; #1 Penang Road

We were there for the famous cendol and laksa!

See the crowd!
This is the stall where Gurmit Singh aka. Phua Chu Kang came before!

Cendol is a must on a hot day!
I finished it within minutes. Yummeh. And it wasn't very sweet. I've always love this bowl of cendol.

Knowing these two guys were able to join our trip was like a miracle. So happy you guys could join!!!
Dex enjoying his bowl of cendol and Lcd looking at CAT map.

Didn't snap the bowl of laksa as I was so hungry and too busy enjoying my cendol. Mmm good. After lunch, we waited for CAT to send us to Fort Cornwallis. CAT is actually a free shuttle bus service that ply the streets of Georgetown from the initiative of Penang Island Municiple Council(MPPP) and Rapid Penang. CAT is short for Central Area Transit. Read more about this here.

#2 Penang Museum

The museum was already closed when we arrived -.- 
So we snap the train outside only.

We continue to our 3rd stop by foot. Walking under the strikingly hot sun with only sunblock and an umbrella for UV protection in the infamous heritage town, Georgetown along side with my other six friends. #96line

*I try to elaborate my sentences more heh.okwhatevercontinueplease*

Short break from our walk.

*continue walking*

Walking to SEABEACH. She's getting excited to see her BEACH(B*TCH) hahahaha.


*relax mode ON*

Some snap photos. Some of us were really enjoying the sea breeze. Like Dex over here. I actually join the snapping photos gang :P

Myself and Lcd.
Pei Ern thought most of us planned to wear the same outfit colour. Lcd and myself wore blue tee's whereas Tif and Voonwei with blue shorts HEH.

Tiffany and me.

Lcd and Pei Ern and SEABEACH :D

Lil' Y gone missing.

Sun...too bright...
Us girls with meme-bro.

With da meme-bro, Dex. You know what he don't smile in pictures. Rarely lah. He kept doing his meme face. His face itself is so funny for us to keep laughing non-stop. So yeah, I plan to do the same face as his since he won't smile when I smile. Hmph.

He sort of became our most-wanted guy to snap with. haha. just because of his epic meme face. Here is Voonwei trying to get a photo of him. His meme-face never wear off!

I'm starting to think that this post is way too long...
Continue it here >>>

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