Dec 30, 2012

#8 Little Things (Mom, Christmas and 1D)

This morning(Friday), I woke up to the voices of the boy band, One Direction (Jason and Dex won't like this hahaha. Okay lah maybe Jason only since he claims that he reads my blog. Quite shocking leh) Mom just became Est's best santa because she finally got 1D's latest album Take Me Home. We got it 20% rebate from the actual price. Quite a steal I might say ;) It was a big success surprising Est with her Christmas present.

So on Friday, she went out with her friend. They sometimes talk Cantonese with each other. Mostly Chinese lah. Mom and I always secretly laugh at the way she speaks Chinese. She speaks Chinese so English-ly wtf. Very funny one lah! She have those slang. Some more she speak terbalik one.  She always say, "我们吃在那里?" which always makes dad and mom laugh. Shouldn't it be, "我们在那里吃" meh? Lol, or am I wrong as well?

Back to the story, then we went to buy her present. We saw it in Rock Corner the other day. RM46.90.

Mom: Wah, quite expensive hor?

Then I pointed at taylor Swift's RED, that Est wants it as well but it's RM60+.

Mom quickly said, "Buy One Direction one for her la"

 LOL. We thought of buying it but then decided to buy it later when we go grocery shopping. We head to Popular then, wanting to buy school stuff. Then there also got One Direction's album. Got their limited edition one as well and free 1D poster included. What makes it a steal was the 20% rebate. Mom was holding both limited edition album and the normal one.

Mom: What difference oh these two albums?

Me: One limited edition and the other one just normal lorh.

Mom: *looks at both prices* The limited edition more expensive leh. No need buy so expensive one for her lah. *takes the normal one and heads to counter*

Then when mom purchased it, the cashier intro Bruno Mars's latest album to her. Told her all the songs. Mom said, "I say I buy the album for my daughter one. He kept telling me all the songs. I also don't know those songs... I know that Oh yeah yeah oh yeah yeah yeah yeah. Ah eh eh ooh!" That's Lockout of Heaven btw.

Est came home after and asked me did mom buy her Christmas present. I had to lie. No was the answer. She was quite sad. I hid the album in her wardrobe with a note that mom ask me to write for her. I just had to ask her go bathe quickly so when she wanted to change her clothes, she'll open the drawers and see the album. Stupid girl, need to ask so many times only want to go bathe. 1D album waiting for you lah = =

In the end I heard a scream from the room. She found the album. Merry Christmas sis.

Oh, and she got me my Christmas presents. I thought it was gonna be something from Brands Outlet because almost everything about that store is so nice, and I also gave her hints wtf. She got me some accessories. A pair of earrings and some bangles. Which I would never thought of buying. I rarely buy accessories but wanted to buy some because I see how that little accessories could change the clothes you wear! Just look at BoboStephanie! Her accessories are fabulous! Thus, thank you thank you thank you sis! :D

I can't get enough of mom funny conversations almost everyday. There is always something funny the way she talk. Thought of having individual posts about things my mom say. Something similar to Timothy Tiah's Things Fatty and Shorty says. I was inspired. What do you guys think?

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