Dec 18, 2012

#7 Little Things (Mom, Est and One Direction)

Guess what! After everyone got their names to whom they'll give the present to, we look at Apple. Guessing which name that she got.

She did open it! Just don't know how to read and what was written only ma or anything was written lol.
Est wantes to peep mom's paper. Sneaky! Haha. Mom knew she wanted to peep. Then mom asked Apple if she could see it.

Of course Apple gave la. She's only two! She not even know Christmas is near.

Guess who Apple got?

Before that, I mention that anyome whom Apple gets equals like, no Christmas present. She's a baby mah! So the only thing she could give you would be...a kiss, a hug, a high 5 or a song. Hahahaha. Or like Est said, her teletubbies cd. Apple often give us her teletubbies cd because she wanted us to put into the dvd player. 
What a smart baby.

So Apple got..........ESTHER!!!! HAHAHAHHAHA POOR 二家姐!!!

Then Est did a :( HAHAHAHHA.

Mom and I laughed that the fact as will just get hugs and kisses. HAHAHAHAHA. I laughed so hard. So did Est. We laughed til tears I tell ya!!! HHAHAHAHAH. It was a nice 1 minute laugh wtf.
So mom just took in to give Est a Christmas present.

Before the draw out, we made set a minimum price. I thought of no minimum price set because we could give as expensive as we want or like cards and sincerity stuffs. But then we a minimum any ways.

Est say RM1 = = and she added, "Can I buy a one ringgit ice-cream then Merry Christmas  *big grin*".

Then dad say RM5 la. *worry Est and I not enough money, don't want pressure us*

Then mom say, so little haiyoh. I was thinking RM20.

Then we all agreed on RM10. Haha. Ok lah not bad.

Est prompted me to give hints to mom to get her One Directions latest album, Take Me Home. I said if I was the one who get her name, that was definitely what I'll buy for her. Crazy 1D fan.

Then she sendiri go tell mom,

Est: Ma, buy me One Direction's album ah ^^v

(So thick face hahahhaha.)

Est: Or buy me clothes or pants also can lah ^^v

Mom: The album not cheap leh. I give you gift vouchers worth RM10 then I paste One Direction photo on the gift vouchers lah ^o^

Est: What? = =

Mom: Ha I know la. I go the cd shop there then ask got any RM10 albums or not.

Est: = =

Mom: Then if he don't have then I buy an empty album with One Direction on the front cover. When we exchange present, you so happy then when you open, "Why empty one? D:". Then I will say ya lah, the one with the disc to expensive ma, without disc only RM10, add disc need RM40++ liao lor.

*we all burst out laughing*

Est just let out a long "Yorhhhhhhh" accompanied by her laughter at mom's answer.

Seriously mom and Est conversations always makes me laugh. We all laugh! I can;t get enough of how mom answers will be.

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