Dec 18, 2012

#6 Little Things (Christmas)

Yay I'm having the Christmas feeling now!


Because my family and I just draw out names for exchanging presents!!!

Basically, dad started it. He said, "Exactly one more week want Christmas eve liao".

I was thinking, "Wah so fast leh".

Then I struck an idea. Why not we exchange gifts? :D

So we all draw out names. Apple also got!!!

We all went to a corner and look at the names we got.

Now mom is looking at coupons deal to see any nice deals for Christmas eve dinner perhaps? Even plan to
buy a cake. Oh red velvet cake please! That cake suits the season don't you think so? :)

Even if we can't find any nice deals, I had my mind on spaghetti? Or perhaps roasted chicken?

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