Dec 1, 2012

#5 Little Things

Friday, 30 November 2012

Marks the last day of November and welcoming December again. How time flies! You can't get any faster could you, time?

Met up with the clique for a little discussing for our upcoming trip. Had lunch at InHouse and then straight to WuCha later.

I saw Jason's friend again! Surprisingly, he still recognizes me ;D

Took some silly photos at WuCha? :D

Cool specs we have huh? *wink*

After our discussing, we head for a little karaoke session. Party rocking babeh!

Head home and once I reached home, the first thing I did was, turn on to #MAMA2012 live stream!!! Muahhahaha

By that time, fan girl mode was sooooo ON.

Congratulations to all the winners! BIG BANG and PSY, AWESOME THAN EVER! :P

I personally thinks that MAMA 2012 was better than last year's. I guess the setting was better. The performance line up was as awesome as last year.

One thing that I guess most people notice was;

Artist who doesn't attend, doesn't receive any award.

Wth MAMA. That's probably one of the reason I don't really favor MAMA. Sigh. I guess most of the fans wanted to see their favourite artist attend eventhough they didn't receive any awards. And I gotta say, when MAMA was on, everyone on twitter was bursting with MAMA's tweets. Epic. I too joined the whole tweeting process. 

Love the YG Family! 

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