Nov 17, 2012

SPBT's Dinner Party!

Da jia hao! :D

Some of you may or may not know about SPBT. You might not understand my title. I'm a SPBT prefect. SPBT is short of Skim Pinjaman Buku Teks. SO basically we handle everything related to text books. That explains why I have a blue uniform ;)

So this year I got my invitation card to our annual party. Woah, can't believe this year we even got invitation cards. Last year, we didn't even receive any invitation cards. The invitation even written, "Buffet bbq and steamboat" and "Karaoke provided so do please prepare some songs!". Wah! So grand?! And from what I hear, teacher mention that those who work their butt off don't need to pay for the dinner party. I felt so proud lol. 

The day before, I was tweeting with this girl here. We were discussing what to wear for the party. So we both decide to wear a dress. We even bring jackets in case teacher apposes us for wearing sleeveless and clothings thats above the knees. Our school are very strict when it comes to clothing.

Chungjie is an SPBT as well!

The two best friends!

Lei hou! (hello in cantonese)

We all followed Miss Ong's car to the party. Thank you for the ride teacher! :D I think teacher knows all of our pattern. She's been teaching us for 2 years now. I didn't say a word then she asked us go take photos lah. I don't think of taking any photos at first but once I start to take, hard to stop. Lol.

So please, embrace yourselves for scrolls of photos.

Fellow classmate and SPBT friend, Najmi, who he claims himself as a Chinese. I gotta say he could pronounce Chinese and Cantonese very fluently! No kidding!

When teacher was on the phone, Chungjie so sampat go and snap teacher with him inside (and me) inside lol. Then more and more came (more aka me, najmi and tif lol)

We all prepared infront of the camera and then just yelled to teacher, "Teacher turn around!!". You see, that's why teacher face also blur lol.

Oh Miss Ong! Chungjie non-stop instagramming.

Haha! Haven't done this in ages!

SPBT gay guys lol. SBPT best friends.

#1 The boys with Tif. 
Normal shot

#2 The boys with Tif
Candid shot.

Did you notice a twin tower here? Klcc. Lol u geddit geddit? :P

#1 Najmi | Chungjie | Me
Normal shot

Tif say Do Re Mi -.-

#2 Najmi | Chungjie | Me
Epic shot


Aloha Ti-fair-ni!

Yours truly.

Our table at the most I guess? haha. One thing for sure, we ate for a very long time. When everyone was having desserts, we're still enjoying our food.

The seniors.

Let the karaoke begin! Our seniors request every table to send a representative to perform a song. At first I was really nervous because we need to go on stage and sing infront of everyone. Teacher say we can handle it like a breeze because we often go karaoke. Aiyoh, karaoke different mahhh. So I pulled teacher into singing with us as well haha! #success

Jason, teacher and I sang Lemon Tree by Fool's Garden :)

Photo session again!


For Chungjie's instagram

(left) Doing Dex's famous meme face. #phailed
(right) Bang Chungjie. Bang Jason. Bang yourself. lol.

Damn, I didn't know how short I was -.-

With Puan Wan Zainab.

With Miss Ong.

I wanted to take a photo with her in case I won't see her again next time. But to come and think of it, I still have SPBT duties this holidays, still can see her de yuan lai. Well, was hoping she could wish us all the best for our 2013's SPM like how she wished our seniors this year. She maybe transferring to other school next and most probably won't be teaching us or handling SPBT things next year. Aiyoh whyyyy? So yeah, at least I did took a photo of teacher :D

She also told us alot of things in the car on our way home. There was one part when her GPD fell and she wanted to pick it up and didn't look at the road -__- MY GOD! Scare me like a aunty. Najmi kept laughin at how nervous I got. Seriously lorh, teacher macam didn't look at the road and the car slightly move the right side. But it was quite fun anyway LOL. Thanks for the tips to study and the advice given. See you during duties teacher! Haha! 

Then Jason and Tif lepak my house for awhile while waiting for their ride home. All the whole time Jason was talking bout cat. All the time lol. So we all talked bout our pets til they went home lol.

It was definitely a nice night! :)

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