Nov 2, 2012

Our so called Halloween Party :)

I am really excited of this post. So happy that I'm finally posting it up! :D

We go way back.....when our last day of finals was on the 31st of October which also was Halloween! The thought of having BBQ was da-bomb. But then, hey, Halloween costumes and BBQ? Er...not quite a match for me. The make up will wear off or perhaps sweat-off. So that's why I call it, our so called Halloween Party :D

For this party we use the pot luck concept where everyone brings something to the party.
We start the party around 5pm or so. And mygod! It rained from 12pm til 3pm like that. We were definitely worry that the party will be a total failure :/

When everyone arrived, we went down to start the fire. With the help of Tif's dad. Uncle asked if we knew how to start a fire without a starter. Then we blab that we know because we once started a fire during scout activities. But for real, I think we are failed scouts mehh.

The potatoes that I prepared by wrapping aluminium foil.
Thanks to LCD for the potatoes. Made my day. Really! :D

Cutie pie, Yee!

While busy starting the fire til half way, it started to drizzle. Damnit. I guess we sang Oppa Gangnam Style, so it rained. lol. Would you believe it? Hahaha. Eh seriously, no joke. I'm serious.

Haha ok lah. You guys continue reading. I'll prove to you.

Before it drizzle, we had a small photography session. Woohoo! Group photos! In addition, there were three bloggers there on that day, sure take photos til full-throttle one!

Hoyan & Voonwei!

Thanks for joining us Hoyan :D I'm afraid our hyper-ness and childishness might have scare her lol.

PeiErn & Kar Wei!

Together with my two bros. Jason and Chungjie.

I guess I scare you guys again lolol. I kinda like and dislike this photo. Dislike becoz it makes my face looks so big. Like becoz they were so camera-ready. I just took my camera up and said Hey hey, take photo!
Walah! A masterpiece lol #ohsosuddencam

Ern looks unprepared ? :P

Peace everyone! :D

Alamak, Yee covered LCD head.

Another #OhSoSuddenCam HAHAHA!

I shouted "Hey who is behind me?!" *SNAP* This is the results hahaha.
You guys would have the chance to see Voonwei's overdose-cuteness pose if I had aimed my camera better. I think I should do this more often next time hahaha :D

The love birds!
The only two who are in a relationship. We often tease them haha :P

Did you notice something? They same height leh!!! :O

Mehhh, Kar Wei was standing a step higher than Jason. 

I think they got fed up of us teasing so they go read newspapers lol.

After the drizzle have lessen, we decided to go for a swim! Finally! But before that need to snap some photos :P

This girl went extremely hyper with me that day :) We're the first two who ran towards the pool.

With Hoyan!

When I rethink about it now, I think I talked so loud and laugh like a mad woman so many times that day. And compare to her, her voice very smooth and her laugh very small one leh. Lol, I'm so cho lo (rude).

This woman in red ah, she was snapping photos like mad that day I tell you.

I promise, this one last one already!

Then after that I stop snapping photos. I was happily playing in the pool with Yee. Wohoo, it's been quite a while since I go to a pool. I'm hydrophillic :D (lol, bio terms.) When I was swimming ah, that mad woman was still snapping photos lol. This is asian level. Zhen de pei fu ta ah! Effiency level asian. Then, Yee and I started our evil plan to get everyone into the pool muahahah.

Chungjie, LCD, Hoyan and Ern joined us in the pool later. We were racing in the pool. And idk how we suddenly were holding hands in a circle and just started twirling around and singing The More We Get Together. Good times. Our laughter from the pool might have break the neighbours glass. Hahaha, we were just having too much fun :) Then I actually start singing Oppa Gangnam Style, just the first verse then not long after, it rained. -_____________- I told ya.

Wet hair and clothes with LCD and Yee.

After that was dinner! My favourite. We were all getting hungry by that time. Feasting time! After that we played a game that Tif taught us, Killer-Doctor-Police game. Haha very nice. I got to be the killer for once but then I got exposed because of Karwei lol -.-

The whole atmosphere was accompanied by the piano.
Our pianist would be Jason and LCD :)

While we were playing, I baked the chicken wings that the rain prevent it from being barbecue. Coated it with honey on the surface. We all sat on the round table and ate the chicken wings and chatted for a long time. I love that moment. I just wish time wouldn't end at that moment.
Friends chatting and joking around and teasing each other and recalling good old times that we spent together.

Our second round of baking would be tofu and sausages which we also failed to barbecue. The third batch goes to the group of vegetarian food! :D Haha, it's so cute that LCD bought his vegetarian food to the barbecue party. I kinda feel bad too because all of us will be eating meat but he can't. Luckily he bought his set of vegetarian food along (Y)  

Before we leave....

Another group photo!
This is what we call, formal.

This is what we call, candid.

I'm still confuse here, isn't both of it the same ? Haha :P Anyways, I love this bunch of people.

I don't know when will our friendship will start to wobble but as long as it hasn't, I will always be fixing it til the day it collapse.

And of course I really hope our friendship won't end la! I'll try my best to keep a love if you guys will do the same to me. Xie xie ni men! :) <3 !

This is definitely will be a post where I'll tear up or laugh when I read this in the future. Sorry lah guys, I very easy cry one! That's why I hope to spend more times with you guys because next year SPM already!!!

Sorry I'm taking so much space to write my feelings here, I just love you guys!!!!! <3

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