Nov 1, 2012

Love in Tanjung Sepat!

I love how vintage and nostalgic it looks. I'm really in to vintage these days.

So we continue our Tanjung Sepat trip!


I was greeted by this when I arrive. So lover-ish hahaha.

Not bad leh. They decorated the place to look more couple-like.

I was wondering how did the lover's bridge looks like. Got balloons? Streamers? Sakuras? Mehh...I think too much. Continue reading shall we? :D

This is the beach.

This is the lover's bridge!

Very long I tell you! It was around 6pm. So hot. I don't plan of walking there actually but then my sudden instincts wanted me to go for a look at the bridge. There was indeed a lot of love birds. I thought of helping mom and dad to snap a photo at the lover's bridge, but meh....failed -.- Mom say I stupid go under the sun lol.

Selca while walking hahaha. I'm indulge to vintage and retro :)

Note: Photo Spamming mode, ON

Poser. lol. The wind was strong!

Me and the long bridge.

I told ya the wind was strong. Made my hair a mess! Dad is not bad at holding the camera ;D

Est's ootd (outfit of the day). Omg I so brave at attempting this for her!! lol

There's still a lot of photos that I took but I'm not gonna upload all of it here. Okay perhaps one more. 



I told ya the wind was strong.

*coughs* I didn't intentionally did this epic face. My sister candid me wtf. Such good timing -.-
Treat this picture as a Happy Halloween photo of me HAHAHAHA.

PS: I had the best day ever yesterday. My friends and I gathered for a barbecue-halloween party as our brutal finals were over. BEST DAY EVER. I really love my peeps so much and  guess I spammed the twitter timeline with our failed barbecue party as it rained the whole day yesterday. But still, we had tonnes and tonnes of fun! :) <3

PS.PS: My clique and I are planning something big for us! A vacation for us to create a metallic bond between us lolol. This is high school life. Enjoying everything to the max. And up til now, we haven't went for a vacation so I think THIS IS THE TIME FOR IT :P I GUESS WERE RUNNING TOWARDS THE SUCCESSOR'S ROAD OF VACATION muahaha

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