Nov 14, 2012

Lil Y's Birthday Celebration

 The Y I'm talking about is the youngest member in LOLY, Yan Yan :)

Finally turning 16 while Voon Wei and I are turning 17 real soon. Man I feel old now...
But look at the bright side, if you were born earlier, let's say the month of January *wink*, you can get your driving license earlier! Yeah babeh, I'm sitting for undang soon and I'll get my driving license soon! Shake it babeh! #16goingon17 :D

So...our birthday celebration, whoops! I repeat, I mean her birthday celebration (lol) started with some karaoke! I think most of them have very itchy throats. Especially LCD's lol. Apparently, we didn't go karaoke for such a very long time :( How sad. I love singing but my singing sucks. Oh whatever :P




Hello Karwei! :)

Voonwei have one of the best voice among us! Yeah. Yee claims that not only she talk loud, she sing also loud. Unlike Peiern, talk loud but sing so soft lolol.

Btw, claps to Yongshen for joining us and singing so bravely haha. It was his first time joining us for karaoke but he manage to bang down wall of shy to sing in front of us. Well, to be frank I was really shy when I sang with my friends for the first time, I sang so soft and timidly. So yeah, applause to Yongshen!

As the karaoke goes, photo shooting begins. 

Birthday girl and Chungjie.

Chungjie, Ern and Tify! I like this pic :)

Yee always claims that I'm 'night' and she is 'day'. You get it? lol. I'm called 'night' because I'm dark skinned where as she is 'day' as she is very fair. She and I have a contrast skin tone. That's why sometimes I dislike taking photos with her, always make me extra darker -___- meh.

Group photo! 

Ayy my good friend! 

Group photo 2!
Don't have me inside :( 

Karwei, Voonwei and Yan Yan. Thee three fair ladies! Did I mention that Voonwei look stunning in that pink dress? :)

Ti-fair-ni!!! :D That's how I pronounce her name most of the time ngehehe.

Collage! If I do a collage, it is probably, there is too many photos or I look horrible or I'm just...well....lazy :P But this collage is a special one, it consist of all three possibilities lol.

After that we went to the arcade. So long didn't step into the arcade lorh! And I gave the birthday card that I made for the birthday girl.

'DSLR' for her :P

So we all sort of split up when we're at the arcade. Some continue playing in the arcade. oh and I gotta say, Karwei was so good at arcade games :O Even better than Yan Yan who is always known to be so good at games. Hahaha K.O Yan Yan. Ern and Voonwei went to Starbucks and had some drinks. Chungjie and Tif went to purchase our bus tickets ^^. Where as Yan Yan, LCD and myself, went to Shimano.

LCD's Shimano. Looks so yummy. I don't know about Yan Yan but I know I stared at him eating for at least 5 mins or so. He surely can tempt me to buy one. Ugh!

LCD! The guy that I believe will succeed one day haha.

Later on, we met up with Voonwei, Chungjie, Tif and Ern at Starbucks. When I went there, there was this two ang mohs that caught my eye. And again, I stared at them so long. Like some stalker lol. I wasn't the only one staring, this time my friends stare together hahaha. Man, I believe she could be a supermodel. She was stunning and have devilish legs -___- (Y) Then there is this other guy that Voonwei saw, he looked like a capable lawyer. So smart looking. Lol stalkers.

Head to Chilly's for dinner.

Then, surprise plan begun! Tif and Chungjie walked all over to Lavender to buy the cake! :D Then, we all makan makan but couldn't really help to hide it successfully. Chungjie and Jason and Yongshen brought the cake out and together everybody sang happy birthday :) Surprise Yan Yan! Lol, we are really not good in doing surprise. Always fail one. So I asked her if she notice any leakage in our surprise plan and she say she sort of figure it out already. mehhhh -___-

Great choice of cake Tif & Chungjie! (Y)

Shot by Voonwei! Haha I remember how Voonwei asked her to smile to the camera.
Like a mother asking a four year old daughter to finish her food lololol.

After the surprise, we both head to the toilet. I tahan so long to go to the toilet wtf. I almost spoil the whole surprise because I was just about to burst lol. Tif and Voonwei were shooting daggers to my eyes the whole time when I say I wanna go toilet lol......

Story time. So I haven't been to 1 Utama for such a long time, so did Yan. On our way to the toilet, we saw this baby room which made us bewildered lol. As though we never see any baby room before. We awe for like 5 mins? We even took photos in it wtf.

Height measurement lol. She pointed out that she's higher than me. yeah it's true...
I'm the shortest in LOLY -___-

We even went into the breast feeding room and checked on the baby changing place?

A photo of prove how childish and bewildered we were...


I can always count on her to do some childish things haha.

Ending this post with two photos.

96line! <3


lol i like this one. 

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