Nov 12, 2012


nothing beats a nice breakfast cooked personally by your own mom. Mmm..good!

It's a special day for the two person who I love and treasure the most in the world;

Mom & Dad,

Happy Anniversary!

Haha. I really truly love these photos of them. So cute lorh! Beh tong (can't tahan) my parents oh!

I want to share my gratitude towards them for bringing me up until right now. Mom and dad went through hard times together during their early marriage due to family economical problems. I'm still dumbfounded at how they go through all the hard times, still willing to held on tightly to each other no matter what. These are the responsibilities one marriage couple should keep in mind. 

I'm in awe how mom and dad reached their 18th year together. Another two more years will be their 20th. For their 18th anniversary, my sister and I planned something special for them. Haha, hope they like it lah! :D

Mom mentioned once that she used to get her parents ( grandpa and grandma) gifts for their anniversary. She teased us for not giving dad and her one so yeah this time we made an effort of preparing a gift for them :D My first time doing something for their anniversary. I remember I became their light bulb once on one of their anniversary. Back then I was young okay? Haiyoh. I begged my parents to bring me along to their candle light dinner lolol. *facepalm*

Est and I asked dad,
"Hey Pa, what you plan to give mom on your anniversary?"

"I already give my whole person to her. What more will she want?"

Then we asked mom,
"Hey Ma, what you plan to give pa on your anniversary?"

"Hmm...maybe buy him the combat pants that he wanted."

"Ma, you got ask Pa what did he plan to give you?"

"Hmm oh ya hor! He say he already give himself to me. Like that, I don't want buy already lah, I already give birth to three daughters leh!"

lol. They both jokingly said that.

But this morning, they end up treating each other food. haha. At night, my sisters and I are invited to join them for their anniversary dinner. Not a light bulb :P Because we were invited! :D

For those who don't know, the terms 'light bulb' is:
being in the center of attention between a couple.


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