Nov 17, 2012


my title seems like a Chinese essay question for primary standards lol

My title is written My Hometown. I'm gonna type bilingual for this post today. I'll start with Chinese and then English. But if I took too much time on the Chinese part and gotten lazy, I'll just leave the English part away hahaha.

Another reason why I type this post is because one of my friend mention that I am a Chinese who doesn't know any Chinese. Mehhh....I can write Chinese and talk Chinese man. Just simple Chinese lah. I always tell people my Chinese is bad and I don't think I could ever sit for UPSR Chinese paper because I can't even read the instruction given lol.

這几天 回到家乡都花了好多时间和他在一起 在身边陪着他

那个他 就是我的外公 从小到大就是会妈妈那边的家

只因为 公公和婆婆,也就是 爸爸的爸爸和妈妈 已过世了

爸爸很小年纪的时 就没了母亲

这次回到家乡 都有个心愿 也就是花多点时间陪公公

陪他聊谈 看戏 谈WWE吖 lol

有时我真好奇 好奇为何你们对他那样

他都老了 他也是你们的爸爸 都曾经照顾你们到大

辛辛苦苦的 养大你们 送你们去学校 到照顾你们的孩子

曾经的你们 都遇过困难 他都回升出两双手来帮忙

现在人都老了 难道你们不能帮忙吗?有时真的不能忍你们骂他

所以妈和我们都会经常 要回家乡 来陪公公 多照顾他

爸都时常 remind 我们 要照顾公公 帮忙他

我觉得每个家多多少少都会 有一点点地家庭问题 只看我们怎么样面对 和爱人的支持

一回到家乡 都会很期待的 要看他

每次回到家乡 都不会错过 牵他的手的机会

当回到家的昨天 都会想起他是否 吃饱了 看报纸 还是check中了马票 haha

Can't wait to see you in December.

My hometown is where my grandfather is.

Oh man, I miss him. What I love about him so much is also because of how he laugh at my jokes. And the way he laughs too haha. Seriously a cute guy. I did saw grandpa and grandma's wedding photo. Woah I tell you. Woah! Both of them looked fantastic. Grandpa is so handsome and grandma is just gorgeous as she ever be. Grandma, I will not forget how you treated me.. All the best dishes you ever cook. Yum!!! Coming this December marks another year she have left us. Grandpa misses you so much. Grandpa kept grandma's photo in his room. My cousin once told me that he saw grandpa cried at grandma's graveyard. I can't describe how I feel when I heard that. We'll be by your side, grams.

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