Nov 29, 2012

#3 Little Things

Wednesday, 28 November 2012

After spbt duty, mom came to school to pick me up. Man, I can't say thanks enough!

Turns out mom wanted to go for tea time. Stomach roaring already hahaha.

Mom looked stylish with her new blouse ;)

Apple sniffing layered custard steam cake!

Lil' sis played piano. I think she is really music inclined. She loves to dance, sing and also play instruments. Did I mention she dance at the right timing?

I remember that Jason mentioned he was going to Giza after school and I happens to be there as well. So I called him to wheather he is still there.

So he was still there! I rushed down the escalators and met him at ground floor. Woah the feeling was indescribable! I don't know it was so nice to meet someone twice in one day hahaha. Especially a good friend of mine :)

He actually introduced me to his best friend who was working there. It was nice meeting new people :)

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