Nov 27, 2012

#2 Little Things

Tuesday, 27 November 2012

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Woke up around eight and head to Jon Kin's morning Body Combat class. Woah, what a tensed up 30 minute work out. Morning class are so different compare to night ones. Felt so refreshed.

Wore my SPBT Crew t-shirt and thought that people may misunderstood me for being in a dance crew lol. Because on last Monday, in MTV Jam, the instructor wore his crew's shirt, which was really glam.

Mom brought me for breakfast before I went for SPBT duties. Had some hot dim sum. Mmm..good.

Thanked mom for driving me to school and stepped into school for the first time after such a long time. Felt so nostalgic.

Surprisingly, a durian greeted me at the front door of the SPBT room and then I saw my crew. I felt really happy. It's hard to explain the feeling I had that time. It felt like I haven't met them for such a long period, especially Miss Ong and Jason. Not Chungjie haha, because I just had lunch with him yesterday.

First thing the crew said to me was, "Wah Pris, your hair so long already!". Apparently, I always tie my haor up but I let go that day so maybe it appeared more lenghty. But the weird thing was...I just went for a haircut recently and yet, there was them, mentioning that, my hair was long. #LolMoment Especially Najmi with his big eyes staring so shock. Hahahaha!

Had long chats with the crew. Missed the whole duty atmosphere in the room. Okay, not really haha.

Found out that it was Miss Ong who brought the durian and I was told that her whole car boot was full of durians! Woah! Hahahahahaha.

 Received some words of wisdom from Miss Ong.

 Brilliant idea strucked. Planned to go to Chungjie's house to swim with Jason. I got uber excited but then ffk Jason in the end because I end up feeling unwell. Hehe, sorry!

 Slept almost the whole day due to the pain I suffered from pms. Fml -.-

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