Nov 26, 2012

#1 Little Things

Monday, 26 November 2012

★ Had a small pot-luck lunch with the clique. Vw, Kw, Lcd, Xinru and Cj. Cooked up some drumstick with mashed potatoes and some salad and egg for Lcd.

★ Today marks one more week til our Penang Trip! :) *excited*

★ Head to gym for Body Combat at night. It was Ryan's class. Love the track that goes something like, "Twenty twenty twenty twenty ten....", "...YEAH COME ON BABY!". The track reminds me of Alvin's Wednesday Body Combat class. His face expression was just, epic!

★ Joined MTV Jam for the first time and it was awesooooooome! O-em-gee I tell you! Best dance choreo I ever learned so far and it was a really fast choreo ( for me ). I want see him in the dance competition this Friday!!!

★ Planned for some movie days with Kw :)

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