Nov 29, 2012

#4 Little Things

Thursday, 29 November 2012

Can't get over the feeling that our teacher just leave us just like that.

I thought she will at least join us in finishing our last day for SPBT duties. But... Sigh. It's quite vulnerable to be said. My friend said that my emotions are exaggerating lol. I know we'll still meet up teacher! Can't wait!

Skyped with the clique at night. What a crazy moment -.-

#3 Little Things

Wednesday, 28 November 2012

After spbt duty, mom came to school to pick me up. Man, I can't say thanks enough!

Turns out mom wanted to go for tea time. Stomach roaring already hahaha.

Mom looked stylish with her new blouse ;)

Apple sniffing layered custard steam cake!

Lil' sis played piano. I think she is really music inclined. She loves to dance, sing and also play instruments. Did I mention she dance at the right timing?

I remember that Jason mentioned he was going to Giza after school and I happens to be there as well. So I called him to wheather he is still there.

So he was still there! I rushed down the escalators and met him at ground floor. Woah the feeling was indescribable! I don't know it was so nice to meet someone twice in one day hahaha. Especially a good friend of mine :)

He actually introduced me to his best friend who was working there. It was nice meeting new people :)

Until we meet again!!!

Wednesday, 28 Nov 2012

Let me show you a day in the SPBT room haahhaa. I'm excited man!

Woke up feeling so lazy to go to SPBT duty but ended up going anyways due to my inner responsibility (oisheh!!!) Mom send me to school again. Big thanks to her so very berry much!

First person I saw was Jason and Tif. Heyyyy :) Finally saw Tif haha. Apparently she had to work yesterday so she couldn't be on SPBT duties.

"Kindly Remove Your Shoe" says our friendly SPBT Crew :)
PS: Took these two photos before I went out to go get food for the crew! *heh*

Quite busy for our first half day. Turns out that it's the last paper for accounts student (excluding those who takes Chinese and Tamil). Wishing the seniors having their last paper was really a great feeling. I could feel the sincerity in their thank you's. Hope you guys score well :)

Took a trip to Original Kayu to tapao food for the crew. I took their orders. It was about time for my stomach to grumble haha. I believe theirs too :P I think we ordered like cows lol. Teacher requested another person to tag along because she say it seems to be a lot of food. Haha.

PS: Tapao is actually take-out aka bungkus! Haha.

Two Penang nang's! (nang is people in the Teo Chew dialect)

*wink* Hello guys! Long time no see my face leh! lololol

Well actually, we don't often go tapao food. Today was quite special. First time! Weeehooo! I so happy. I mean, we get to tapao FOOD man. Usually, we just order packets of nasi lemak from our canteen. And that continued on for two freaking years. Yes, nasi lemak for every time we have duties. Still, I quite enjoy it :D 

So Jason can't decide what to eat. In fact, most of them can't decide what to eat. They would say, "Anything la". Then I say, "Eat shit then". LOL. After that, they gave me what they really wanted to eat. Tif, Nazran and Jason got shoot by me muahahaha. But still, Jason can't decide what to eat. So he said, "Surprise me".

I end up choosing roti tisu for him. And I know that Original Kayu serves big giant long roti tisu. I was wondering, how will they even tapao for me. Then ah....... (just look the photo below).

Look at the amount of food we bought! My back-up carry for me hahahahah.

See the thing I held onto is roti tisu. Yes, roti freaking long tisu! They put in a plastic bag for me wtf? Hahaha. Apalah. I remember smiling at the guy when he tapao it for me. And I thought, " this is how you tapao the enormous roti tisu hahaha". I even knocked on the car window and showed teacher, "THIS IS ROTI TISU!"

--- Feasting time ---

After our feast, we continued our job til 2pm. Some of them went home already. Teacher request a few of us to stay back for OT. Echeh, we also got OT (over time) one leh! Left Chungjie, Jason and myself. We processed a whole lot of books! And got a few paper cuts. Ouch!

The three of us had intimate conversations. It was quite nice. Teacher told us about her childhood times. There was one story where she mention about her after SPM celebration. Man....I don't think we are even close to that. Teacher's friends celebrated their after-SPM so c-c-c-cr-r-a-a-az-zyyyyyyy! Hahaha we can't stop laughing at how funny they were :)

Teacher gave us a few more words of wisdom. I guess she tells us everyday and she never fails to make me feel amazed. I truly love Chinese quotes. I wished I mastered the language more. Your words of advice, I will keep in mind. Thank you :) From our conversation, I couldn't help but notice their thinking perspectives. It's something I could really improved on.

"Don't be afraid to be different."

After that long conversation we had, we took some photos! Some photos to remember in the future :)

I won't forget the first time I heard this teacher name. Miss Ong. That time I went like, "Woah! I found someone who have the surname as I am. I wonder if we are related".

PS: I was 13 that time. And a real virgin towards Chinese language. *shy*

One thing I think I can be closer to her is most probably.....her height. Hahaha. More easier to approach compare to taller teachers? Hahaha I don't know.

You see, teacher almost same height like me hehehe. And Jason just got to make us so short.

PS: I have the smallest eyes of all! and the ugliest teeth lol wtf

They both said I should be standing in the middle because I wore a different t-shirt that day. Aishh, should have wore my SPBT shirt :(

Candid shot by CHungjie which teacher claims was "Yer...not nice la". (If I remember correctly :P)
I think that time Jason received a call from Kw haha.

Jason and sensei :)

Love this shot :D ! Chungjie and Miss Ong ! 

They often talk hokkien together and I can't understand a word they are saying. Sometimes I reply to their conversations and got laughed lol. Due to my terrible hokkien -___-

Since I snap photos of my senior hugging teacher, I wanted to snap one too. So here it is! Haha. I remember hugging her twice. One in a picture and one when I say goodbye. Oh wait, 3 times haha. One more was today, when she really said goodbye. *sad*

#1 Group photo!
Teacher looked mischievous lol. Jason looked like a dai lou like always. Chungjie almost out of the picture!

#2 So we took another one again.
Much better but....what were you looking Chungjie? Hahaha.

#3 Miss Ong's idea.
"Everyone look to the left!" 

I so zha dao that teacher will suggest a pose!

#4 My idea.
"Everybody open your mouth! ahhhh"

When teacher looked at the photo, she say, "Why Pris and Jason's eyes half close?". But in fact, only Jason eyes was half close. Mine was too small til teacher thought mine was half close -__-

#5 Best photo of all? :)

Got props some more! HAHA!

I feel bad for blocking Jason some how. I thought I was short enough so I need not to bend down. Turns out I'm not that short :P Muahaha.

Still remember the first time I get to know teacher. It was at our school's scouts camp. During form 1. Pei Ern and I approach to talk to teacher and then we even thought of pairing teacher up with this cute guy at our camp lol! That time I over heard my seniors asking teacher for extra marks for Bio. When I get to form 4, you taught me Biology. I finally got an A- for Bio for the first time for my end year test. It's always a C or a B. I think your teaching helped me to understand more and to be honest, now Bio is one of my favourite subjects. Thank you really.

I have to mention something here too. I don't know why la, teacher make me feel very Chinese-ish. Teacher made me feel like I'm from a Chinese primary school because I get to say, ” 王老師早安!“. I don't know why I like that sentence a lot haha. Make me feel so Chinese than ever. Not to forget, all your nagging. Always nag us to tak chek tak chek tak chek! Hope I'll do so :P

I'm gonna miss you teacher! Thanks for teaching me for 2 years straight! First maths and then Bio. I was hoping for a third year thou. But yeah, hope you stay healthy and do what you do best there and don't forget the imagination that I told you for years to come to happen hahahaha!

Hope you won't forget us here lah! Especially me with the small eyes hehe.

Thanks for the 祝福 for SPM '13 :)

Nov 27, 2012

#2 Little Things

Tuesday, 27 November 2012

View #1 Little Things here :)

Woke up around eight and head to Jon Kin's morning Body Combat class. Woah, what a tensed up 30 minute work out. Morning class are so different compare to night ones. Felt so refreshed.

Wore my SPBT Crew t-shirt and thought that people may misunderstood me for being in a dance crew lol. Because on last Monday, in MTV Jam, the instructor wore his crew's shirt, which was really glam.

Mom brought me for breakfast before I went for SPBT duties. Had some hot dim sum. Mmm..good.

Thanked mom for driving me to school and stepped into school for the first time after such a long time. Felt so nostalgic.

Surprisingly, a durian greeted me at the front door of the SPBT room and then I saw my crew. I felt really happy. It's hard to explain the feeling I had that time. It felt like I haven't met them for such a long period, especially Miss Ong and Jason. Not Chungjie haha, because I just had lunch with him yesterday.

First thing the crew said to me was, "Wah Pris, your hair so long already!". Apparently, I always tie my haor up but I let go that day so maybe it appeared more lenghty. But the weird thing was...I just went for a haircut recently and yet, there was them, mentioning that, my hair was long. #LolMoment Especially Najmi with his big eyes staring so shock. Hahahaha!

Had long chats with the crew. Missed the whole duty atmosphere in the room. Okay, not really haha.

Found out that it was Miss Ong who brought the durian and I was told that her whole car boot was full of durians! Woah! Hahahahahaha.

 Received some words of wisdom from Miss Ong.

 Brilliant idea strucked. Planned to go to Chungjie's house to swim with Jason. I got uber excited but then ffk Jason in the end because I end up feeling unwell. Hehe, sorry!

 Slept almost the whole day due to the pain I suffered from pms. Fml -.-

Nov 26, 2012

#1 Little Things

Monday, 26 November 2012

★ Had a small pot-luck lunch with the clique. Vw, Kw, Lcd, Xinru and Cj. Cooked up some drumstick with mashed potatoes and some salad and egg for Lcd.

★ Today marks one more week til our Penang Trip! :) *excited*

★ Head to gym for Body Combat at night. It was Ryan's class. Love the track that goes something like, "Twenty twenty twenty twenty ten....", "...YEAH COME ON BABY!". The track reminds me of Alvin's Wednesday Body Combat class. His face expression was just, epic!

★ Joined MTV Jam for the first time and it was awesooooooome! O-em-gee I tell you! Best dance choreo I ever learned so far and it was a really fast choreo ( for me ). I want see him in the dance competition this Friday!!!

★ Planned for some movie days with Kw :)

Nov 17, 2012


my title seems like a Chinese essay question for primary standards lol

My title is written My Hometown. I'm gonna type bilingual for this post today. I'll start with Chinese and then English. But if I took too much time on the Chinese part and gotten lazy, I'll just leave the English part away hahaha.

Another reason why I type this post is because one of my friend mention that I am a Chinese who doesn't know any Chinese. Mehhh....I can write Chinese and talk Chinese man. Just simple Chinese lah. I always tell people my Chinese is bad and I don't think I could ever sit for UPSR Chinese paper because I can't even read the instruction given lol.

這几天 回到家乡都花了好多时间和他在一起 在身边陪着他

那个他 就是我的外公 从小到大就是会妈妈那边的家

只因为 公公和婆婆,也就是 爸爸的爸爸和妈妈 已过世了

爸爸很小年纪的时 就没了母亲

这次回到家乡 都有个心愿 也就是花多点时间陪公公

陪他聊谈 看戏 谈WWE吖 lol

有时我真好奇 好奇为何你们对他那样

他都老了 他也是你们的爸爸 都曾经照顾你们到大

辛辛苦苦的 养大你们 送你们去学校 到照顾你们的孩子

曾经的你们 都遇过困难 他都回升出两双手来帮忙

现在人都老了 难道你们不能帮忙吗?有时真的不能忍你们骂他

所以妈和我们都会经常 要回家乡 来陪公公 多照顾他

爸都时常 remind 我们 要照顾公公 帮忙他

我觉得每个家多多少少都会 有一点点地家庭问题 只看我们怎么样面对 和爱人的支持

一回到家乡 都会很期待的 要看他

每次回到家乡 都不会错过 牵他的手的机会

当回到家的昨天 都会想起他是否 吃饱了 看报纸 还是check中了马票 haha

Can't wait to see you in December.

My hometown is where my grandfather is.

Oh man, I miss him. What I love about him so much is also because of how he laugh at my jokes. And the way he laughs too haha. Seriously a cute guy. I did saw grandpa and grandma's wedding photo. Woah I tell you. Woah! Both of them looked fantastic. Grandpa is so handsome and grandma is just gorgeous as she ever be. Grandma, I will not forget how you treated me.. All the best dishes you ever cook. Yum!!! Coming this December marks another year she have left us. Grandpa misses you so much. Grandpa kept grandma's photo in his room. My cousin once told me that he saw grandpa cried at grandma's graveyard. I can't describe how I feel when I heard that. We'll be by your side, grams.

SPBT's Dinner Party!

Da jia hao! :D

Some of you may or may not know about SPBT. You might not understand my title. I'm a SPBT prefect. SPBT is short of Skim Pinjaman Buku Teks. SO basically we handle everything related to text books. That explains why I have a blue uniform ;)

So this year I got my invitation card to our annual party. Woah, can't believe this year we even got invitation cards. Last year, we didn't even receive any invitation cards. The invitation even written, "Buffet bbq and steamboat" and "Karaoke provided so do please prepare some songs!". Wah! So grand?! And from what I hear, teacher mention that those who work their butt off don't need to pay for the dinner party. I felt so proud lol. 

The day before, I was tweeting with this girl here. We were discussing what to wear for the party. So we both decide to wear a dress. We even bring jackets in case teacher apposes us for wearing sleeveless and clothings thats above the knees. Our school are very strict when it comes to clothing.

Chungjie is an SPBT as well!

The two best friends!

Lei hou! (hello in cantonese)

We all followed Miss Ong's car to the party. Thank you for the ride teacher! :D I think teacher knows all of our pattern. She's been teaching us for 2 years now. I didn't say a word then she asked us go take photos lah. I don't think of taking any photos at first but once I start to take, hard to stop. Lol.

So please, embrace yourselves for scrolls of photos.

Fellow classmate and SPBT friend, Najmi, who he claims himself as a Chinese. I gotta say he could pronounce Chinese and Cantonese very fluently! No kidding!

When teacher was on the phone, Chungjie so sampat go and snap teacher with him inside (and me) inside lol. Then more and more came (more aka me, najmi and tif lol)

We all prepared infront of the camera and then just yelled to teacher, "Teacher turn around!!". You see, that's why teacher face also blur lol.

Oh Miss Ong! Chungjie non-stop instagramming.

Haha! Haven't done this in ages!

SPBT gay guys lol. SBPT best friends.

#1 The boys with Tif. 
Normal shot

#2 The boys with Tif
Candid shot.

Did you notice a twin tower here? Klcc. Lol u geddit geddit? :P

#1 Najmi | Chungjie | Me
Normal shot

Tif say Do Re Mi -.-

#2 Najmi | Chungjie | Me
Epic shot


Aloha Ti-fair-ni!

Yours truly.

Our table at the most I guess? haha. One thing for sure, we ate for a very long time. When everyone was having desserts, we're still enjoying our food.

The seniors.

Let the karaoke begin! Our seniors request every table to send a representative to perform a song. At first I was really nervous because we need to go on stage and sing infront of everyone. Teacher say we can handle it like a breeze because we often go karaoke. Aiyoh, karaoke different mahhh. So I pulled teacher into singing with us as well haha! #success

Jason, teacher and I sang Lemon Tree by Fool's Garden :)

Photo session again!


For Chungjie's instagram

(left) Doing Dex's famous meme face. #phailed
(right) Bang Chungjie. Bang Jason. Bang yourself. lol.

Damn, I didn't know how short I was -.-

With Puan Wan Zainab.

With Miss Ong.

I wanted to take a photo with her in case I won't see her again next time. But to come and think of it, I still have SPBT duties this holidays, still can see her de yuan lai. Well, was hoping she could wish us all the best for our 2013's SPM like how she wished our seniors this year. She maybe transferring to other school next and most probably won't be teaching us or handling SPBT things next year. Aiyoh whyyyy? So yeah, at least I did took a photo of teacher :D

She also told us alot of things in the car on our way home. There was one part when her GPD fell and she wanted to pick it up and didn't look at the road -__- MY GOD! Scare me like a aunty. Najmi kept laughin at how nervous I got. Seriously lorh, teacher macam didn't look at the road and the car slightly move the right side. But it was quite fun anyway LOL. Thanks for the tips to study and the advice given. See you during duties teacher! Haha! 

Then Jason and Tif lepak my house for awhile while waiting for their ride home. All the whole time Jason was talking bout cat. All the time lol. So we all talked bout our pets til they went home lol.

It was definitely a nice night! :)