Oct 28, 2012

Tanjung Sepat sight-seeing!


Yeah, pau and fish balls. I can't think of any better titles (yeah right) -.- I planned to separate my one-day trip into two posts as there is this lover's bridge, coffee factory, mushroom factory, eco-farm, pau and fish balls. Because pau, fish balls and coffee are at the same area which is just walking distance. 

Before we went, we did some online research on Tanjung Sepat. My mom looked through blogs and they mentioned that the pau is a must. From what I hear from my mom, the pau is hard to get. Was it so special? Even my aunt say that they have to come back on the next day to taste their pau. I am a pau lover. So I looked forward to this Tanjung Sepat pau.

So here it is. Pau Hai Yew Heng. 

Note: Call and book your pau first before going there.
If not you will not get a taste of the pau.

Please book before you collect them because you cannot buy on the spot.
There was this lady coming in who wanted to buy pau. The pau lady says she will have to wait for at least 2 hours or so or come back tomorrow. That lady insisted, she said she have money, she wants to buy right away. The pau lady refuses, she said it's not money problem, even you have money, you can't buy it because we don't have it. The pau lady said it with a very fed-up face.

So we got our booked pau. My first impression of buying the pau was "Oh yes, hot tasty pau!". But it truly disappoints me. It's cold. Not even close to warm. 

I was quite worry about the cleanliness as well. There were flies flying around in the shop. Some flies sat on top of the pau, some on the fillings. I wonder was it the pau that made my family and I diarrhea wtf.
The size is acceptable. Amount of fillings not bad la.

 Here's the price.

In front of the pau shop, is a few women selling fish balls. Everything related to fish. Such as fish cakes, fish balls, minced fish and so on. As you can see here, this woman was so 'generous' at persuading my mom to buy the fish cakes. She let us try too. Not bad. But then it is quite pricey compare to another place which sells the exact same thing but with a lower price. My dad's local friend informs us that this is rather pricey and suggested us to buy somewhere else.

This woman kept persuading my mom to buy. Even if my mom is like 10 steps away from her, she kept approaching my mom and ask mom to buy. It's like, if you tasted my fish balls, you must buy!

Next to the pau shop, there's this coffee shop. You could smell the coffee fragrance. They also generously gives us coffee to try. Oh it was nice! You should try. We did buy some home. It's in coffee bags

This is the interior of a coffee shop located opposite the pau shop.
The coffee they make is delicious. Thick and creamy. Not too sweet, just nice. There were people selling fried food too. We didn't think of trying it at first as we don't really like fried food. But we gave it a shot. The fried sting ray was quite nice. At the other side of the shop sell, sour plum juice. We didn't try it but I saw many who ordered.

We saw this cute looking ice-cream sticks. Bought a chocolate one for Est.

Oh please, my face looked horrible. My day started wobbly as I just receive a visit from my good friend, red. The one that always visits a girl every month. Yeah that one. Kinda pale and weak that time.

Will be updating PART 2 soon!

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