Oct 25, 2012

Sungai Buloh's Pan Mee

I am here to share a bowl of pan mee that I have eaten for years.
I think good food should be shared, so yeah here it is!

It was a Sunday morning, a day before my Sejarah paper. Dad and I went to Sungai Buloh for breakfast. There's a few places that I go for breakfast in Sungai Buloh. One will be the dim sum and another pan mee.

It's call Kedai Makanan LYM. I never notice the board that was placed there til that Monday. After all these years I only call it as the pan mee shop. 

And the woman in the photo would be the cook. This pan mee shop is a very humble one. You can see what I mean, even the shop uses a cardboard to place their shop's name. And it's only a small cart. It's located near Sungai Buloh's pasar. It's located at a corner lot outside a clinic.

The place is not as pleasant as the others BUT the food is good. You can see the chairs are quite old and so are the tables. Look at the crowd. The locals love her pan mee. I don't think many know her stall. Just the locals. I guess....lol.

So here is it! Sorry for the low quality photo. I use my phone to snap only. She cooks quite fast and during the weekends her husband and son will help out. 

What I like about it is the ikan bilis is crunchy and with the large amount of fried shallots! Mmm-hmm..my favourite. The noodles isn't that soft or hard as well. Dad says maybe she added some pork oil which doubles the fragrance of the bowl. The soup. Yes the soup. About the soup, I could finish the whole bowl of it. I always left it empty without a drop more. I think the soup is her specialty. It contains dong qiu, a type of chinese herbs, that is what we guess. In addition, i don't know how or why does the whole bowl still remains hot for quite a long time. The bowl is not even clay pot. 

and and and.....

Don't forget to try this chilli. It doesn't taste spicy. It's the first chilli that is not spicy for me. Really. For those who don't eat spicy, you can try this. You may like it. I am not those people who will purposely put chilli into my bowl except chilli pan mee (those special chilli flakes, it's call chilli pan mee for a reason. duh..) and this pan mee. It has a sweet and sour twist. I really don't know how she do it. I would learn it if I could. I think this is her secret ingredient too. You have to take it yourself at her cart there. There is a pot full of this chilli, just scoop it into your saucer.

So why not stop by Sungai Buloh and try their pan mee? :D

They only open in the morning. 

Blogging about this makes me wanna have a bowl tomorrow morning ^^v

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