Oct 6, 2012

Quick update!

Uncle photo bombing me. Lol.

*Note: One photo with plenty of words post.

Heyyyy, hello anyone who is reading out there :D

I think this will be my last post til my exam is over. Finals is coming and I'm putting on a serious face on. *serious face* Haha. Actually, I don't plan to update but then it will be 3 weeks without an update :O My blog will end up partially dead. So yeah....see, I updated liao!

I've listed my to-do list after exams. One of it will be going back to dancing :) Another one will be, stomping to the gym. I could really lose some weight after exam. It's not about losing weight and getting that nice curve, for me, I want to be in a good shape, healthy. I don't to lose to my parents health -.- lol.
They exercise for at least 4 times a week while I don't exercise at all. Fml. I bet mom and dad's stamina is better than mine. In school, whenever there is PJK(exercise class), I'll try my best to sweat and just move around. I do love outdoor activities but I can't seem to find a friend that loves it as much as I do. Same goes to dancing.

My favourite dancer and choreographer, Jasmine Meakin!

I hope I could fly to Australia and join one of her classes. But I guess I'll die because I am not even near into dancing so awesome like this...

One of my list to do before I graduate from high school is a dancing performance. But I guess I could never fulfill it *sobs* I can't find a friend who loves dancing like me. Ugh, so sad man. I use to have one but she moved to Kelantan :( And I'm so glad for her to find friends that love dancing as much as her. Just few weeks ago I was tweeting with her and she said that she managed to dance LIKE THIS in front of her school *die of envy* I'm so happy for her!

This one is in Singapore. Omg, kill me. I love to see people dance like a pro.


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