Oct 24, 2012

It isn't the last but it feels like it

what I'm talking about is my finals!

I'm very glad to say that, the 3 papers are overrrrrrrr! Wohoo!
Those three days were really like hell. But today was the worst, surprisingly. I thought maybe Physics or Sejarah were bad. Turns out Chemistry was the worst. It almost spoil my holiday mood -__-

Tada! It is my first time attempting braid in my uniform.

Did anyone saw me in braid at school?!

Of course no! Because I untied it and tied my usual pony tail again lol. It was messy. Next week lah. Recently my sister have been learning all sorts of hair-do from youtube. I watched a few as well. Since my sister learnt, she sometimes help me tie lololol. Yesterday night I was studying then suddenly she came and do my hair for me. I asked her if she could wake up early in the morning and do my hair for school wtf. HAHAHAHA.

Long ago, there were many people posting their fish braid. 

I was amazed the moment I saw it. I didn't know there were all sorts of braid. I thought there was only one #bangwall. It looks complicated for me at first but after you know how to do, it's even simple than the traditional braid. Another one that I learn from youtube is the waterfall braid! Which quite a number of people posted in facebook as well.

So happy my hair is middle length now. Can experiment all these braids. Teehee. But my hair is considered very short if I want to do braids as it's harder to tie. Moreover my hair is layered-cut. All lengths are uneven. 

Now with the internet that we got, you can just learn out about anything you want. Even cooking, arts and crafts, make ups, and also hair-dos. The web is full of sources. like my friends said, just google anything you want to know. So the next time you don't know anything, the answer to the problem is GOOGLE. :D

Suddenly my post becomes a hair-do post. Mehhh.....

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