Oct 25, 2012


I think I didn't see the tweets wrongly. BIG BANG have just arrived at MALAYSIA! OMG! (Y)

PS: This is obviously a K-pop post. So to those who don't favour k-pop, sorry but it's k-pop time for me! :P

Yes Malaysia VIP's, we are breathing in the same air as BIG BANG. Hahahaha. In a raining day. Glad they arrived safely :) I still can't believe they landed in Malaysia already! BIG BANG ALIVE TOUR is on the 27th of October in MALAYSIA and they arrived two days earlier. Maybe they want to have fun in Malaysia. Please do!

I've had this BIG BANG fever since I heard Haru Haru. And during exam just recently, I didn't know why but my BIG BANG fever increased to a level which was unbearable. It was my finals and yet I was spending most of my time stalking them. I watch those variety shows that they went and their music videos and singing to their songs almost everyday. Shouldn't I be studying that time?! The power of BIG BANG fever.

They are really very hard to resist and you can't even get mad at them (according to some people on youtube who commented). I don't call myself a truly VIP because I don't think I'm up to the k-pop standard lol. I'm a moderate k-pop fan I guess? If I say I'm a truly k-pop fan, people might smack me and say "Cheh, you don't even do this, do that....".

I just love to hear k-pop songs, variety shows, k-pop drama and stalk them. Thou I don't know what are they singing, their songs are really catchy. I now hear to BIG BANG's song everyday. The fever is getting serious lol. What I love about k-pop is also their dance! Most of their songs, they will dance. BIG BANG's Bad Boy is definitely my addiction. In addition, all of them are so good looking.

I am devastated that I can't attend their ALIVE CONCERT T^T. It is bound to be the best concert ever. I mean...just look...

I saw videos of their ALIVE CONCERT. Can I say their fan service is extremely awesome? They make use of the whole stage setting. In the BIG SHOW, I saw GD, Daesung and Seungri went down the stage.... omg. And it was definitely the VIP's dream come true to see them. (Y) 

This girl got the limited edition hoodie and t-shirt. Man...I would like to have one please. According to her, it's sold out. Many people asked her where to get it but it's sold out.

This is what I'll be missing this 27th of October. fml.

Have fun to those who are going! :D

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