Oct 19, 2012

12 Days More!

Taken on the first day of the finals.
Prefer my hair tied up or letting go? :)

Surprise surprise, I blogged for the second time in this finals. Seems relaxing huh? I am actually glad about the exam schedule. It's more relaxed and organize. But next week it will be what I call..., serious shit. I am worry about next week. I do. Because it's History, Physics and Chemistry back-to-back. And the big problem is I can't memorize things. I don't memorize. Except Moral haha. I think I will face some problems on calculations. These three subjects are my weak link. -_____-

I'm just glad that 5 subjects are over and there is only 4 more to go! Yay! :D
Few days ago, the form 3 finished their big exam, PMR. Oh man, I recall back my form 3 life. Now, all of the form 3's are partying and the form 4's are having our finals. I want to party too! Last year when I finished my last paper, I let out a scream of relieve haha. I really did. It was awesome. Then I even remember saying "Haha the form 4 still need to exam". Lol, so bad. Now, payback wtf -.- I saw someone tweeted something like, Congratulations Form 3 for finishing PMR now you are reaching another level of school which is Form 4, that will be one hell of a year, be prepare. Something like that la. Haha.

I also remember something quite recent. I jokingly teased my seniors who are having SPM this year, something like, Oiyohh....SPM ah....hahahha. Then she epic-ly replied me, Haha I after SPM no more already lu, but you still have another year to go! Total freedom for me!!! I went hands down *white flag* -____- (Suddenly brilliant idea struck)

I shall say that to my juniors if they laugh me next time, muahahhaha. (Y)

Last but not least, to all the 96's let's do it!

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