Oct 28, 2012

Tanjung Sepat sight-seeing!


Yeah, pau and fish balls. I can't think of any better titles (yeah right) -.- I planned to separate my one-day trip into two posts as there is this lover's bridge, coffee factory, mushroom factory, eco-farm, pau and fish balls. Because pau, fish balls and coffee are at the same area which is just walking distance. 

Before we went, we did some online research on Tanjung Sepat. My mom looked through blogs and they mentioned that the pau is a must. From what I hear from my mom, the pau is hard to get. Was it so special? Even my aunt say that they have to come back on the next day to taste their pau. I am a pau lover. So I looked forward to this Tanjung Sepat pau.

So here it is. Pau Hai Yew Heng. 

Note: Call and book your pau first before going there.
If not you will not get a taste of the pau.

Please book before you collect them because you cannot buy on the spot.
There was this lady coming in who wanted to buy pau. The pau lady says she will have to wait for at least 2 hours or so or come back tomorrow. That lady insisted, she said she have money, she wants to buy right away. The pau lady refuses, she said it's not money problem, even you have money, you can't buy it because we don't have it. The pau lady said it with a very fed-up face.

So we got our booked pau. My first impression of buying the pau was "Oh yes, hot tasty pau!". But it truly disappoints me. It's cold. Not even close to warm. 

I was quite worry about the cleanliness as well. There were flies flying around in the shop. Some flies sat on top of the pau, some on the fillings. I wonder was it the pau that made my family and I diarrhea wtf.
The size is acceptable. Amount of fillings not bad la.

 Here's the price.

In front of the pau shop, is a few women selling fish balls. Everything related to fish. Such as fish cakes, fish balls, minced fish and so on. As you can see here, this woman was so 'generous' at persuading my mom to buy the fish cakes. She let us try too. Not bad. But then it is quite pricey compare to another place which sells the exact same thing but with a lower price. My dad's local friend informs us that this is rather pricey and suggested us to buy somewhere else.

This woman kept persuading my mom to buy. Even if my mom is like 10 steps away from her, she kept approaching my mom and ask mom to buy. It's like, if you tasted my fish balls, you must buy!

Next to the pau shop, there's this coffee shop. You could smell the coffee fragrance. They also generously gives us coffee to try. Oh it was nice! You should try. We did buy some home. It's in coffee bags

This is the interior of a coffee shop located opposite the pau shop.
The coffee they make is delicious. Thick and creamy. Not too sweet, just nice. There were people selling fried food too. We didn't think of trying it at first as we don't really like fried food. But we gave it a shot. The fried sting ray was quite nice. At the other side of the shop sell, sour plum juice. We didn't try it but I saw many who ordered.

We saw this cute looking ice-cream sticks. Bought a chocolate one for Est.

Oh please, my face looked horrible. My day started wobbly as I just receive a visit from my good friend, red. The one that always visits a girl every month. Yeah that one. Kinda pale and weak that time.

Will be updating PART 2 soon!

Oct 25, 2012


I think I didn't see the tweets wrongly. BIG BANG have just arrived at MALAYSIA! OMG! (Y)

PS: This is obviously a K-pop post. So to those who don't favour k-pop, sorry but it's k-pop time for me! :P

Yes Malaysia VIP's, we are breathing in the same air as BIG BANG. Hahahaha. In a raining day. Glad they arrived safely :) I still can't believe they landed in Malaysia already! BIG BANG ALIVE TOUR is on the 27th of October in MALAYSIA and they arrived two days earlier. Maybe they want to have fun in Malaysia. Please do!

I've had this BIG BANG fever since I heard Haru Haru. And during exam just recently, I didn't know why but my BIG BANG fever increased to a level which was unbearable. It was my finals and yet I was spending most of my time stalking them. I watch those variety shows that they went and their music videos and singing to their songs almost everyday. Shouldn't I be studying that time?! The power of BIG BANG fever.

They are really very hard to resist and you can't even get mad at them (according to some people on youtube who commented). I don't call myself a truly VIP because I don't think I'm up to the k-pop standard lol. I'm a moderate k-pop fan I guess? If I say I'm a truly k-pop fan, people might smack me and say "Cheh, you don't even do this, do that....".

I just love to hear k-pop songs, variety shows, k-pop drama and stalk them. Thou I don't know what are they singing, their songs are really catchy. I now hear to BIG BANG's song everyday. The fever is getting serious lol. What I love about k-pop is also their dance! Most of their songs, they will dance. BIG BANG's Bad Boy is definitely my addiction. In addition, all of them are so good looking.

I am devastated that I can't attend their ALIVE CONCERT T^T. It is bound to be the best concert ever. I mean...just look...

I saw videos of their ALIVE CONCERT. Can I say their fan service is extremely awesome? They make use of the whole stage setting. In the BIG SHOW, I saw GD, Daesung and Seungri went down the stage.... omg. And it was definitely the VIP's dream come true to see them. (Y) 

This girl got the limited edition hoodie and t-shirt. Man...I would like to have one please. According to her, it's sold out. Many people asked her where to get it but it's sold out.

This is what I'll be missing this 27th of October. fml.

Have fun to those who are going! :D

Sungai Buloh's Pan Mee

I am here to share a bowl of pan mee that I have eaten for years.
I think good food should be shared, so yeah here it is!

It was a Sunday morning, a day before my Sejarah paper. Dad and I went to Sungai Buloh for breakfast. There's a few places that I go for breakfast in Sungai Buloh. One will be the dim sum and another pan mee.

It's call Kedai Makanan LYM. I never notice the board that was placed there til that Monday. After all these years I only call it as the pan mee shop. 

And the woman in the photo would be the cook. This pan mee shop is a very humble one. You can see what I mean, even the shop uses a cardboard to place their shop's name. And it's only a small cart. It's located near Sungai Buloh's pasar. It's located at a corner lot outside a clinic.

The place is not as pleasant as the others BUT the food is good. You can see the chairs are quite old and so are the tables. Look at the crowd. The locals love her pan mee. I don't think many know her stall. Just the locals. I guess....lol.

So here is it! Sorry for the low quality photo. I use my phone to snap only. She cooks quite fast and during the weekends her husband and son will help out. 

What I like about it is the ikan bilis is crunchy and with the large amount of fried shallots! Mmm-hmm..my favourite. The noodles isn't that soft or hard as well. Dad says maybe she added some pork oil which doubles the fragrance of the bowl. The soup. Yes the soup. About the soup, I could finish the whole bowl of it. I always left it empty without a drop more. I think the soup is her specialty. It contains dong qiu, a type of chinese herbs, that is what we guess. In addition, i don't know how or why does the whole bowl still remains hot for quite a long time. The bowl is not even clay pot. 

and and and.....

Don't forget to try this chilli. It doesn't taste spicy. It's the first chilli that is not spicy for me. Really. For those who don't eat spicy, you can try this. You may like it. I am not those people who will purposely put chilli into my bowl except chilli pan mee (those special chilli flakes, it's call chilli pan mee for a reason. duh..) and this pan mee. It has a sweet and sour twist. I really don't know how she do it. I would learn it if I could. I think this is her secret ingredient too. You have to take it yourself at her cart there. There is a pot full of this chilli, just scoop it into your saucer.

So why not stop by Sungai Buloh and try their pan mee? :D

They only open in the morning. 

Blogging about this makes me wanna have a bowl tomorrow morning ^^v

Oct 24, 2012

It isn't the last but it feels like it

what I'm talking about is my finals!

I'm very glad to say that, the 3 papers are overrrrrrrr! Wohoo!
Those three days were really like hell. But today was the worst, surprisingly. I thought maybe Physics or Sejarah were bad. Turns out Chemistry was the worst. It almost spoil my holiday mood -__-

Tada! It is my first time attempting braid in my uniform.

Did anyone saw me in braid at school?!

Of course no! Because I untied it and tied my usual pony tail again lol. It was messy. Next week lah. Recently my sister have been learning all sorts of hair-do from youtube. I watched a few as well. Since my sister learnt, she sometimes help me tie lololol. Yesterday night I was studying then suddenly she came and do my hair for me. I asked her if she could wake up early in the morning and do my hair for school wtf. HAHAHAHA.

Long ago, there were many people posting their fish braid. 

I was amazed the moment I saw it. I didn't know there were all sorts of braid. I thought there was only one #bangwall. It looks complicated for me at first but after you know how to do, it's even simple than the traditional braid. Another one that I learn from youtube is the waterfall braid! Which quite a number of people posted in facebook as well.

So happy my hair is middle length now. Can experiment all these braids. Teehee. But my hair is considered very short if I want to do braids as it's harder to tie. Moreover my hair is layered-cut. All lengths are uneven. 

Now with the internet that we got, you can just learn out about anything you want. Even cooking, arts and crafts, make ups, and also hair-dos. The web is full of sources. like my friends said, just google anything you want to know. So the next time you don't know anything, the answer to the problem is GOOGLE. :D

Suddenly my post becomes a hair-do post. Mehhh.....

Oct 19, 2012

12 Days More!

Taken on the first day of the finals.
Prefer my hair tied up or letting go? :)

Surprise surprise, I blogged for the second time in this finals. Seems relaxing huh? I am actually glad about the exam schedule. It's more relaxed and organize. But next week it will be what I call..., serious shit. I am worry about next week. I do. Because it's History, Physics and Chemistry back-to-back. And the big problem is I can't memorize things. I don't memorize. Except Moral haha. I think I will face some problems on calculations. These three subjects are my weak link. -_____-

I'm just glad that 5 subjects are over and there is only 4 more to go! Yay! :D
Few days ago, the form 3 finished their big exam, PMR. Oh man, I recall back my form 3 life. Now, all of the form 3's are partying and the form 4's are having our finals. I want to party too! Last year when I finished my last paper, I let out a scream of relieve haha. I really did. It was awesome. Then I even remember saying "Haha the form 4 still need to exam". Lol, so bad. Now, payback wtf -.- I saw someone tweeted something like, Congratulations Form 3 for finishing PMR now you are reaching another level of school which is Form 4, that will be one hell of a year, be prepare. Something like that la. Haha.

I also remember something quite recent. I jokingly teased my seniors who are having SPM this year, something like, Oiyohh....SPM ah....hahahha. Then she epic-ly replied me, Haha I after SPM no more already lu, but you still have another year to go! Total freedom for me!!! I went hands down *white flag* -____- (Suddenly brilliant idea struck)

I shall say that to my juniors if they laugh me next time, muahahhaha. (Y)

Last but not least, to all the 96's let's do it!

Oct 12, 2012

Hello Galaxy!


I just finished my Biology paper today. Still one more Bio paper to go. I'm taking some time off to do something I love best. Blogging! :D The next whole week and after will be continuous studying for me. So I am appreciating the time that I have to do something fun. Lol. I bet my teacher will tell me to use my spare time to study. So today I even spend some nice quality time with my sisters. My little sister Ai Lyn have her baby pool and we made a bubble bath for her!

#1 She got this very cute shocking expression when she saw that much bubbles! haha

#2 When you play with a baby, you eventually feel younger again and remember back those childhood times.

(Lol, that sentence made me sounded old)

Oct 6, 2012

Quick update!

Uncle photo bombing me. Lol.

*Note: One photo with plenty of words post.

Heyyyy, hello anyone who is reading out there :D

I think this will be my last post til my exam is over. Finals is coming and I'm putting on a serious face on. *serious face* Haha. Actually, I don't plan to update but then it will be 3 weeks without an update :O My blog will end up partially dead. So yeah....see, I updated liao!

I've listed my to-do list after exams. One of it will be going back to dancing :) Another one will be, stomping to the gym. I could really lose some weight after exam. It's not about losing weight and getting that nice curve, for me, I want to be in a good shape, healthy. I don't to lose to my parents health -.- lol.
They exercise for at least 4 times a week while I don't exercise at all. Fml. I bet mom and dad's stamina is better than mine. In school, whenever there is PJK(exercise class), I'll try my best to sweat and just move around. I do love outdoor activities but I can't seem to find a friend that loves it as much as I do. Same goes to dancing.

My favourite dancer and choreographer, Jasmine Meakin!

I hope I could fly to Australia and join one of her classes. But I guess I'll die because I am not even near into dancing so awesome like this...

One of my list to do before I graduate from high school is a dancing performance. But I guess I could never fulfill it *sobs* I can't find a friend who loves dancing like me. Ugh, so sad man. I use to have one but she moved to Kelantan :( And I'm so glad for her to find friends that love dancing as much as her. Just few weeks ago I was tweeting with her and she said that she managed to dance LIKE THIS in front of her school *die of envy* I'm so happy for her!

This one is in Singapore. Omg, kill me. I love to see people dance like a pro.