Sep 6, 2012

Just a sec

♬-It's Me by Sunny & Luna

Note: It's the song from To The Beautiful You ost! Loveeeeeeeeee it to the max.

A post willl be quite bland without a photo. So yeah, I'm saying HELLO with a weird smile.

Notice my eyes are like two straight lines only? wtf hahaha. I have my mother's eyes :D

Hey what do you know, I'm here posting yet again. I thought won't be touching this corner for a while.
Just to spare some time for leisure now :) What have I been doing nowadays?
I notice I really truly enjoy my schooling life. Everyday meeting my friends and learn new things. What I like about going to school is, to see my friends and just...well? HAVE FUN!

What I notice this few days is, my friends and I often chat about different topics everyday. Like everyday I tell you. But recently we kept the "Future" topic running. Wondering what course to take. What university or college should we go. The word LOVE also jumps into our topic. 

A particular question somehow popped up too. I wonder if I will get married wtf. I even told mom,

"Mom, if I were to get marry ah, IF LAH, then when I get a house,  you could finally put your interior designing skills to work. We decorate together kay?"

Mom laughed when she heard that I worry if I ever will get married. LOL.
Now I feel shameful for sharing it here fml. No face liao. I think it will be funny if I read this again in 10 years time haha. Later you readers think I'm a foreveralone gang dafuq.

I know it's so weird to think about marriage now. Chill lah, I just think it like a few minutes only lol. But seriously, I think sometimes I think too much. Like really too much. -.-

Most of the time too, we talk about blogosphere, intagram and other famous people in the web. Not to mention, fashion too. Though I suck in fashion, after hearing from my friends, I also know what are the latest rends and IT-items. Not bad wad. We learn when we listen from those who knows.

Nowadays, we often have nice conversations with the boys too. From our conversations, we girls learnt about boys and the way they look at things differently. Vice versa. I think it's good to chat with the opposite gender. You could learn about their feelings, their opinion on a certain subject and also what do they think of girls. Haha. Sometimes I was quite amazed of how they handle things. And guys don't really think that much. Not like girls like me. It's good actually.

Sometimes I think til I got afraid wtf.

I think people should have conversations more often :)
Chatting via web and in person is different.

Sometimes, people could scold like F*** you in the web. But in person, they don't even dare to say it.
That is what I know from some people lah.

Okay so that's all. Have a good night! 

LIKE THIS by Wondergirls (Y)
The choreography is BE-FAB! 

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