Sep 4, 2012

It's going to take time

Three words. I miss blogging.

It has been such a long time since I post a proper blog post. I want to find time to blog but I just can't find the time to do so. I'm sorry my dear readers(If I have any lol, fml) but I'm not going to update anything at the moment. I am having my end year test soon, in roughly four weeks time.

I know it seems like such a long time. But there is a lot happening around me now. Especially school work. Ugh. When will it end? Oh ya, I know....after my final examination -.- Fml. I hate the pressure and the looks on our teachers face to urge us to study now. Sorry, but I'm not that diligent.

Albeit so, it's my responsibility to study as a student. Everyone go through this period of life.

Okay maybe you all are getting bored. Ngeh. Just going to type off now.

Anyways, a photo to remember me :P (If anyone is I talking to myself? Sht, foreveralone level 87)

To be honest, actually..blogging is like, talking to yourself. i guess that's why I like to blog a lot wtf.

I personally love this photo of mom and I a bunch!

I want to go for a vacation again! :(

PS: Since I can't afford to buy a semi-pro camera like the Samsung SmartCamera, Olympus Mini Pen, Nikon J1 and so on.....I joined a contest to win one of it!

I joined the Samsung Smart Camera contest. Why not take part too? Especially to those who are can't afford to buy a semi-pro camera, like yours truly. I don't come from a rich family. Most of the things that I want, I have to put my efforts in. Just like this and also this here. Next, I want to earn lots and lots of money for mom and dad and my two little sisters. Of course, after i graduated lah! Haiyoh.

Friendly reminder:

Money is so important! T.T

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