Sep 18, 2012

Field Trip to MSU!

I pity my friend here because I just noticed how many times I asked her to take photos with me under the hot sun. But still, she always manage to carve on a cute smile. Teehee!

Thank you for being my partner for today, Yan Yan :)

Today, most of the students taking pure science had the opportunity to go on a field trip. The venue, MSU (Management & Science University). We got a half day tour in MSU around the university.

Surprisingly, teacher gave us 3 mins to snap some photos around.

I guess teacher got used to people nowadays who love to capture photos :P

I of course, was one of the ones who love to capture photos whenever I go.

When I reached there, I gave a "Wow". I have a weird habit of expressing exaggerating expression whenever I step foot in a new place. I can't stand myself sometimes too. Haha.

4 brainy people in my class.

The weather was awfully nice by the time we arrived. It wasn't that shinny. Thus, we get to snap more nice photos without worrying about getting dark. And in that case, I meant my friend, YanYan.

My friend asked, "Why are we taking photos at the stairs? Nice meh?".
Geez, I also don't know. I saw everyone was like snapping photos at the stairs so I gave it a shot lorh.

Perhaps another reason why I wanted to snap a photo at the stairs was to....
cheat on my height...

Sadly, #phailed because my friends are still taller than me although they are one stair lower than me. FML.

HHAHAHAHHAHAA! I LIKE THIS ONE. Yan Yan looks like she got stomach ache. Jason looks dizzy.
And me. Just trying to look cute. LOL. Hey but you gotta admit, they look cuter than me in this pic! ;D Hahahaha. I guess Yan Yan is naturally cute. wtf.

Later on, we went to level 12 where there was a library. It has 3 levels. And yeah, looks like those in the tv. (sorry, my school's library is not fully equipped so I went, "Wow" again wtf)  

This is so creative and funky!

We then went into a room to hear a speech. He gave us a speech and some briefing about the tour.
He also told us about his story and career currently and how he achieved his goals. (Sorry idk how to spell his name ><) 

Did you know there are only 25 pathologist in Malaysia? 

And the man up there is on his way into making another pathologist. all the best!

Out tour started with what looks like a hospital. I didn't snap any photos of it as no cameras are allowed. There were hospital beds. Nearly 40+ beds. Also we went into the labour room which had a pregnant woman doll, which I was told that it cost approximately RM90,000?! That doll was epic man. And I also had been told that, that doll is only can be found in hospitals and MSU. 

The main highlight of the day would be going into the dissection room. It's a room where bodeis are placed after death for further examination.

That was actually the thing that we gonna see. I got quite afraid at first. The guy told us that some students vomit and fainted when they were in the room. There were those unpleasant smell. I am actually afraid of the smell more and organs disconnecting from the body and seeing the pathologist doing their thing.

Dragged her to snap a photo of our reaction before going in.

Though I carved a smile on, I was quite nervous but excited too at the same time. Yan practically just shows it all. Haha. I love this photo of her!

So we went in later.....
It's located at the basement btw.

I remembered some lecturer came to our school and showed us an autopsy video. It's basically a person (pathologist) reaping out every organ of a human. Well, that was what I'm told by my friends. I didn't even have the guts to look! Teacher told us that the person in the dissection room was going to take out the organs to show us. My knees weakened. WHAT?! IN FRONT OF US?!

Anyways, it didn't happen. Wheww.... If not I bet I will passed out there on the spot!

When I stepped into the dissection room, it looks exactly like how it was in tv! I saw four bodies in total today! All soaked in chemical substances called formalin. The smell of the chemical was very strong. Most of us who can stand the smell, closed our noses. I think the chemical covered up the bodies scent.

Another side of the room was a body. A very small one. Or maybe it has been cut before. Because it looked really small. The hand was quite fresh. I didn't managed to see it that clearly as everyone barged to the front to get a good look.

On the floor, next to a shelf, there were boxes. Boxes filled with organs. All soaked with formalin as well. I saw brains, kidneys, liver, hearts... It was that creepy or eerie. It was interesting to look at. It was something new. And my first time in my life looking at all these organs and all. No one in my school fainted or vomited. *claps*

So yeah that's about the dissection room. It was a good experience, I must say! 

A photo of Yan and I after coming out.
Yan said that we looked more excited. hahaha :D

I thought the tour ended as we exited the room. Turns out there is one last place to visit.
Drum rolls please!




I jumped like a two year old when I heard that. OMG, DREAM COME TRUE. I got all "Wow!!", "Wahhh!!". 

We were looking through a glass where students are having their culinary class. They noticed we were looking at them and they waved to us. Then one of them even showed their dishes! It was gorgeous!!

Here comes the exciting part. They even came out and asked us if we wanted to go in and have a look.

OMGGGGGGGGGG. *starstruck towards culinary arts* (Y)

I sort of, kind of, accidently banged some of my friends because I got too eager. Heh, sorry guys.

They even make room for us to have a look at the chef teaching them! The chef was making salsa! (Y)

That moment I felt like I'm one of the students there, learning.

This was the dish that I mentioned!

The students took out their phones and dslr to snap it! (Y)

And yes, that's a wrap for this post! :)

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  1. I'm soooo deadly jealous with you guys!!! :( my school is like only 3 km away frm MSU,and sadly we dont hv the chance to go there.huhuhuuhuhuhhuu


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