Sep 9, 2012

Currently. PREMIUM RUSH.

Blogging via phone now.

Yesterday night was BE-FAB! My family and I went for a karaoke session. I finally figured out who is my one true karaoke partner, my sister Esther :) I'm so gonna pull her for any other karaoke sessions haha. I think the best song we sang yesterday was Not Anymore by Letoya! Wohoo. I love it. It was the first time I chose this song too.

A photo from Melacca actually.

Oh yeah. And yesterday I am very happy and proud to say, I somehow surprisingly reach quite a high note. For once I feel that I sang so good hahahaha! All this while, I think my singing sucks. But that song, made me feel so power. Now I have to sing that song whenever I go karaoke. It's a chinese song by the way ;D And erm..I don't know how to type that song title it in Chinese lololol. My bad.

Anyhoooow, today is one productive day too! :) I'm having a cup of Gong Cha with the sister. We'll be heading for a movie soon. Premium Rush. She say it's nice. So yeah, we'll be treating dad for that movie too!

Recently, I love to edit my photos with frames and sparkles and a stamp date.

I guess that's all for now! Toodles! Have a nice Sunday everyone :)

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Oh hey, I just came back from the movie I just catch just now. PREMIUM RUSH.

Premium Rush movie poster

Directed by David Koepp, and written by John Kamps and David Koepp, «Premium Rush» is an Action/Adventure/Thriller film, released on January 13 of 2011 in the USA . Joseph Gordon-Levitt is starring, alongside Jamie ChungMichael ShannonDania RamirezAasif Mandvi andMichael Shannon.

Credits to

If you think he looks familiar, Joseph Gordon-Levitt acted as the cop in The Batman Return :D
This is an action packed movie. It such a different movie compare to any other movie that I watched. It's about courier services. It's a very anticipating movie I tell ya! I really enjoyed it a lot. The plot technique attracts me more.

I didn't know this movie at first. My sister chose this movie. Great movie choice sis!

I reckon you guys to watch this movie!

Too bad, we arrived slightly late so we didn't catch the first few minutes of the show.

What I notice too, Joseph Gordon-Levitt has more upcoming movies. Wohoo! Can see more of his movies soon :D

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