Sep 17, 2012

120916 Wedding Dinner @ Han Dynasty

Yay, glad that today is a holiday. Could really need more holidays. I really love holidays very much this year. Too bad my teachers said that form 4 is not a honeymoon year. But it slowly feels like one now :/

Back to topic!

So if you've been following me on twitter, yesterday night, I attended a wedding dinner of my friend's sister. Congratulations once again :)

The chandelier was very pretty!

We had to walk up a flight of stairs to the dinner. Quite of a challenge as I was wearing heels after such a long time. Omg. When we arrived above, we saw Voonwei at the reception.

I thought she would go all, "Heyyyy!! You guys made it!". Turns our my imagination is always wrong.
She looked up at us and said, "Oh hi". Ngeh, disappointed but yeah she was really busy that time and we shouldn't be disturbing her. Good responsibility! ;)

We then head over to our table and sat down. Spotted the wedding photos. 

I don't know why but I just love photos with balloons in it. Making the photos more lively and joyful.

Oh I haven't show you guys what we wore have we?

This was what we wore.

Mom said my dress almost blend in with the background.

Honest hour: My first time wearing a dress after such a longgggggg time. My first time doing a full eye make up. And first time being so girly girly-ish.

Seriously, I rarely wear dresses. I kinda dislike it too. Not to say dislike, not used to it. It's like, omg wear is my pair of jeans? But I guess it's worth of a shot!

I was quite excited on doing my eye make up. I'm not going to put blusher or lipstick or and fake eyelashes. Not my type or perhaps I haven't reach the age of liking it. I love eye liner though (my korean idols addict). The only reason I would like to put on make up (mainly only eye liner) is because of korean artist. They look so chio and stylish. And to my own surprise, I went to youtube for eye liner make up tutorial. First time weih! I listened to my friend's advice :)

When I searched youtube, I practically typed:

eye liner for single eye lid

but there isn't anything about that..

So I tried:

eye liner for asian

Turns out those Asians with make up tutorial have double eye lids

so I ended up typing:

eye liner for...

they appeared eye liner for small eyes for me.

So I chose that...
I have small eyes so what? Aiyoh!

Successfully applying eyeliner to one eye, I felt accomplished because I did the 'wing' thingy. Thanks to the hyper ultra thin eye liner from Tif. When I apply to my another eye, I got frustrated because it wasn't balanced at all! And I tried so many times. I don't know how many times I've erased it. Ugh, then I let out, "Ugh. I don't want to make up anymore next time". Maybe I'm just not used to it.

My friend applied eye shadows, eye liner, fake lashes and idk what else. And we used the same amount of time. So much of a beginner for me -.- I only drew eyeliner and she finished a whole face make up. Thumbs up for her.

Okay back to topic again! :D

Looking at the summed up of food makes me happy! Wohoo, 9 dishes in total.

The first dish was the best I guess? What I remembered was, this was the only dish that was completely emptied by our table.

Sadly, this is the only photo of food that I captured throughout the night :(

That means, more photos of my friends and I. Opss! :P

Tiffany and yours truly!

That aunty behind there photo booming us was really sweet. And she have a very cute daughter :D

Chungjie and I.

Notice the grandma photo booming us. HAHAHA.

When the 3rd dish arrived, we finally saw Voonwei again. Reunited! lol. She knew I wanted to take photos of her because I've already told her when she was at the reception. I'm much of a disturber don't I? Hahahaha, #slapFace. 

Voonwei. Tiffany. Me.

Tiffany. Me. Boon Ly (Voonwei's sister)

I gotta admit most of their dresses are really stunning. Compare to mine, mine is really simple. Gosh, Voonwei and her sister both looked vulgarly gorgeous! 

Note: I had quite a hard time editing the photos. Most of it is either too dark or too yellowish or too reddish. OMG! Hate it for being so yellowish and dark. Ugh!
We all don't look that dark in person! Okay maybe me only #sadCase T.T

With the best friend :)

I was so glad that I wore heels that night! If not, I might be one head shorter than Voonwei. Her heels were so high! Wheww...*relieved* haha :D

We managed to talk and chat for a while only, before she had to return back to her seat.

The two best of friends.

I just had to do a little peace sign :P

Goofing around!

Before we leave, another round of photos :)

I know you guys bored already lah! Haha. Little bit more only!

Lastly. How could I forgot! The bride and bridegroom :)

Two words. Beautifully executed!
Notice her mom in the background too. In qi pao! Beautiful.

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