Sep 18, 2012

Field Trip to MSU!

I pity my friend here because I just noticed how many times I asked her to take photos with me under the hot sun. But still, she always manage to carve on a cute smile. Teehee!

Thank you for being my partner for today, Yan Yan :)

Today, most of the students taking pure science had the opportunity to go on a field trip. The venue, MSU (Management & Science University). We got a half day tour in MSU around the university.

Surprisingly, teacher gave us 3 mins to snap some photos around.

I guess teacher got used to people nowadays who love to capture photos :P

I of course, was one of the ones who love to capture photos whenever I go.

When I reached there, I gave a "Wow". I have a weird habit of expressing exaggerating expression whenever I step foot in a new place. I can't stand myself sometimes too. Haha.

4 brainy people in my class.

The weather was awfully nice by the time we arrived. It wasn't that shinny. Thus, we get to snap more nice photos without worrying about getting dark. And in that case, I meant my friend, YanYan.

My friend asked, "Why are we taking photos at the stairs? Nice meh?".
Geez, I also don't know. I saw everyone was like snapping photos at the stairs so I gave it a shot lorh.

Perhaps another reason why I wanted to snap a photo at the stairs was to....
cheat on my height...

Sadly, #phailed because my friends are still taller than me although they are one stair lower than me. FML.

HHAHAHAHHAHAA! I LIKE THIS ONE. Yan Yan looks like she got stomach ache. Jason looks dizzy.
And me. Just trying to look cute. LOL. Hey but you gotta admit, they look cuter than me in this pic! ;D Hahahaha. I guess Yan Yan is naturally cute. wtf.

Later on, we went to level 12 where there was a library. It has 3 levels. And yeah, looks like those in the tv. (sorry, my school's library is not fully equipped so I went, "Wow" again wtf)  

This is so creative and funky!

We then went into a room to hear a speech. He gave us a speech and some briefing about the tour.
He also told us about his story and career currently and how he achieved his goals. (Sorry idk how to spell his name ><) 

Did you know there are only 25 pathologist in Malaysia? 

And the man up there is on his way into making another pathologist. all the best!

Out tour started with what looks like a hospital. I didn't snap any photos of it as no cameras are allowed. There were hospital beds. Nearly 40+ beds. Also we went into the labour room which had a pregnant woman doll, which I was told that it cost approximately RM90,000?! That doll was epic man. And I also had been told that, that doll is only can be found in hospitals and MSU. 

The main highlight of the day would be going into the dissection room. It's a room where bodeis are placed after death for further examination.

That was actually the thing that we gonna see. I got quite afraid at first. The guy told us that some students vomit and fainted when they were in the room. There were those unpleasant smell. I am actually afraid of the smell more and organs disconnecting from the body and seeing the pathologist doing their thing.

Dragged her to snap a photo of our reaction before going in.

Though I carved a smile on, I was quite nervous but excited too at the same time. Yan practically just shows it all. Haha. I love this photo of her!

So we went in later.....
It's located at the basement btw.

I remembered some lecturer came to our school and showed us an autopsy video. It's basically a person (pathologist) reaping out every organ of a human. Well, that was what I'm told by my friends. I didn't even have the guts to look! Teacher told us that the person in the dissection room was going to take out the organs to show us. My knees weakened. WHAT?! IN FRONT OF US?!

Anyways, it didn't happen. Wheww.... If not I bet I will passed out there on the spot!

When I stepped into the dissection room, it looks exactly like how it was in tv! I saw four bodies in total today! All soaked in chemical substances called formalin. The smell of the chemical was very strong. Most of us who can stand the smell, closed our noses. I think the chemical covered up the bodies scent.

Another side of the room was a body. A very small one. Or maybe it has been cut before. Because it looked really small. The hand was quite fresh. I didn't managed to see it that clearly as everyone barged to the front to get a good look.

On the floor, next to a shelf, there were boxes. Boxes filled with organs. All soaked with formalin as well. I saw brains, kidneys, liver, hearts... It was that creepy or eerie. It was interesting to look at. It was something new. And my first time in my life looking at all these organs and all. No one in my school fainted or vomited. *claps*

So yeah that's about the dissection room. It was a good experience, I must say! 

A photo of Yan and I after coming out.
Yan said that we looked more excited. hahaha :D

I thought the tour ended as we exited the room. Turns out there is one last place to visit.
Drum rolls please!




I jumped like a two year old when I heard that. OMG, DREAM COME TRUE. I got all "Wow!!", "Wahhh!!". 

We were looking through a glass where students are having their culinary class. They noticed we were looking at them and they waved to us. Then one of them even showed their dishes! It was gorgeous!!

Here comes the exciting part. They even came out and asked us if we wanted to go in and have a look.

OMGGGGGGGGGG. *starstruck towards culinary arts* (Y)

I sort of, kind of, accidently banged some of my friends because I got too eager. Heh, sorry guys.

They even make room for us to have a look at the chef teaching them! The chef was making salsa! (Y)

That moment I felt like I'm one of the students there, learning.

This was the dish that I mentioned!

The students took out their phones and dslr to snap it! (Y)

And yes, that's a wrap for this post! :)

Sep 17, 2012

120916 Wedding Dinner @ Han Dynasty

Yay, glad that today is a holiday. Could really need more holidays. I really love holidays very much this year. Too bad my teachers said that form 4 is not a honeymoon year. But it slowly feels like one now :/

Back to topic!

So if you've been following me on twitter, yesterday night, I attended a wedding dinner of my friend's sister. Congratulations once again :)

The chandelier was very pretty!

We had to walk up a flight of stairs to the dinner. Quite of a challenge as I was wearing heels after such a long time. Omg. When we arrived above, we saw Voonwei at the reception.

I thought she would go all, "Heyyyy!! You guys made it!". Turns our my imagination is always wrong.
She looked up at us and said, "Oh hi". Ngeh, disappointed but yeah she was really busy that time and we shouldn't be disturbing her. Good responsibility! ;)

We then head over to our table and sat down. Spotted the wedding photos. 

I don't know why but I just love photos with balloons in it. Making the photos more lively and joyful.

Oh I haven't show you guys what we wore have we?

This was what we wore.

Mom said my dress almost blend in with the background.

Honest hour: My first time wearing a dress after such a longgggggg time. My first time doing a full eye make up. And first time being so girly girly-ish.

Seriously, I rarely wear dresses. I kinda dislike it too. Not to say dislike, not used to it. It's like, omg wear is my pair of jeans? But I guess it's worth of a shot!

I was quite excited on doing my eye make up. I'm not going to put blusher or lipstick or and fake eyelashes. Not my type or perhaps I haven't reach the age of liking it. I love eye liner though (my korean idols addict). The only reason I would like to put on make up (mainly only eye liner) is because of korean artist. They look so chio and stylish. And to my own surprise, I went to youtube for eye liner make up tutorial. First time weih! I listened to my friend's advice :)

When I searched youtube, I practically typed:

eye liner for single eye lid

but there isn't anything about that..

So I tried:

eye liner for asian

Turns out those Asians with make up tutorial have double eye lids

so I ended up typing:

eye liner for...

they appeared eye liner for small eyes for me.

So I chose that...
I have small eyes so what? Aiyoh!

Successfully applying eyeliner to one eye, I felt accomplished because I did the 'wing' thingy. Thanks to the hyper ultra thin eye liner from Tif. When I apply to my another eye, I got frustrated because it wasn't balanced at all! And I tried so many times. I don't know how many times I've erased it. Ugh, then I let out, "Ugh. I don't want to make up anymore next time". Maybe I'm just not used to it.

My friend applied eye shadows, eye liner, fake lashes and idk what else. And we used the same amount of time. So much of a beginner for me -.- I only drew eyeliner and she finished a whole face make up. Thumbs up for her.

Okay back to topic again! :D

Looking at the summed up of food makes me happy! Wohoo, 9 dishes in total.

The first dish was the best I guess? What I remembered was, this was the only dish that was completely emptied by our table.

Sadly, this is the only photo of food that I captured throughout the night :(

That means, more photos of my friends and I. Opss! :P

Tiffany and yours truly!

That aunty behind there photo booming us was really sweet. And she have a very cute daughter :D

Chungjie and I.

Notice the grandma photo booming us. HAHAHA.

When the 3rd dish arrived, we finally saw Voonwei again. Reunited! lol. She knew I wanted to take photos of her because I've already told her when she was at the reception. I'm much of a disturber don't I? Hahahaha, #slapFace. 

Voonwei. Tiffany. Me.

Tiffany. Me. Boon Ly (Voonwei's sister)

I gotta admit most of their dresses are really stunning. Compare to mine, mine is really simple. Gosh, Voonwei and her sister both looked vulgarly gorgeous! 

Note: I had quite a hard time editing the photos. Most of it is either too dark or too yellowish or too reddish. OMG! Hate it for being so yellowish and dark. Ugh!
We all don't look that dark in person! Okay maybe me only #sadCase T.T

With the best friend :)

I was so glad that I wore heels that night! If not, I might be one head shorter than Voonwei. Her heels were so high! Wheww...*relieved* haha :D

We managed to talk and chat for a while only, before she had to return back to her seat.

The two best of friends.

I just had to do a little peace sign :P

Goofing around!

Before we leave, another round of photos :)

I know you guys bored already lah! Haha. Little bit more only!

Lastly. How could I forgot! The bride and bridegroom :)

Two words. Beautifully executed!
Notice her mom in the background too. In qi pao! Beautiful.

Sep 14, 2012

Typical Friday.

Ever since I got instagram, I got used to square photos. Quite lah.
Anyways, OMG I AM BLOGGING. #slapface. Hahaha. Look! It's me and food! My second best friend. I'm having ramen tonight. 

I thought of cooking up some macaroni but turns out there aren't any ingredients left. The fridge was almost...almost empty. So I just have to cook this pack of instant noodles.

Thou after I cooked a pot of noodles, I thought it is wasn't enough to satisfy my hunger.
So I made pancakes as well.

Turns out I was wrong. I got so full eventhough I haven't finish my bowl of noodles.

Sep 9, 2012

Currently. PREMIUM RUSH.

Blogging via phone now.

Yesterday night was BE-FAB! My family and I went for a karaoke session. I finally figured out who is my one true karaoke partner, my sister Esther :) I'm so gonna pull her for any other karaoke sessions haha. I think the best song we sang yesterday was Not Anymore by Letoya! Wohoo. I love it. It was the first time I chose this song too.

A photo from Melacca actually.

Oh yeah. And yesterday I am very happy and proud to say, I somehow surprisingly reach quite a high note. For once I feel that I sang so good hahahaha! All this while, I think my singing sucks. But that song, made me feel so power. Now I have to sing that song whenever I go karaoke. It's a chinese song by the way ;D And erm..I don't know how to type that song title it in Chinese lololol. My bad.

Anyhoooow, today is one productive day too! :) I'm having a cup of Gong Cha with the sister. We'll be heading for a movie soon. Premium Rush. She say it's nice. So yeah, we'll be treating dad for that movie too!

Recently, I love to edit my photos with frames and sparkles and a stamp date.

I guess that's all for now! Toodles! Have a nice Sunday everyone :)

Page Divders

Oh hey, I just came back from the movie I just catch just now. PREMIUM RUSH.

Premium Rush movie poster

Directed by David Koepp, and written by John Kamps and David Koepp, «Premium Rush» is an Action/Adventure/Thriller film, released on January 13 of 2011 in the USA . Joseph Gordon-Levitt is starring, alongside Jamie ChungMichael ShannonDania RamirezAasif Mandvi andMichael Shannon.

Credits to

If you think he looks familiar, Joseph Gordon-Levitt acted as the cop in The Batman Return :D
This is an action packed movie. It such a different movie compare to any other movie that I watched. It's about courier services. It's a very anticipating movie I tell ya! I really enjoyed it a lot. The plot technique attracts me more.

I didn't know this movie at first. My sister chose this movie. Great movie choice sis!

I reckon you guys to watch this movie!

Too bad, we arrived slightly late so we didn't catch the first few minutes of the show.

What I notice too, Joseph Gordon-Levitt has more upcoming movies. Wohoo! Can see more of his movies soon :D

Sep 6, 2012

Just a sec

♬-It's Me by Sunny & Luna

Note: It's the song from To The Beautiful You ost! Loveeeeeeeeee it to the max.

A post willl be quite bland without a photo. So yeah, I'm saying HELLO with a weird smile.

Notice my eyes are like two straight lines only? wtf hahaha. I have my mother's eyes :D

Hey what do you know, I'm here posting yet again. I thought won't be touching this corner for a while.
Just to spare some time for leisure now :) What have I been doing nowadays?
I notice I really truly enjoy my schooling life. Everyday meeting my friends and learn new things. What I like about going to school is, to see my friends and just...well? HAVE FUN!

What I notice this few days is, my friends and I often chat about different topics everyday. Like everyday I tell you. But recently we kept the "Future" topic running. Wondering what course to take. What university or college should we go. The word LOVE also jumps into our topic. 

A particular question somehow popped up too. I wonder if I will get married wtf. I even told mom,

"Mom, if I were to get marry ah, IF LAH, then when I get a house,  you could finally put your interior designing skills to work. We decorate together kay?"

Mom laughed when she heard that I worry if I ever will get married. LOL.
Now I feel shameful for sharing it here fml. No face liao. I think it will be funny if I read this again in 10 years time haha. Later you readers think I'm a foreveralone gang dafuq.

I know it's so weird to think about marriage now. Chill lah, I just think it like a few minutes only lol. But seriously, I think sometimes I think too much. Like really too much. -.-

Most of the time too, we talk about blogosphere, intagram and other famous people in the web. Not to mention, fashion too. Though I suck in fashion, after hearing from my friends, I also know what are the latest rends and IT-items. Not bad wad. We learn when we listen from those who knows.

Nowadays, we often have nice conversations with the boys too. From our conversations, we girls learnt about boys and the way they look at things differently. Vice versa. I think it's good to chat with the opposite gender. You could learn about their feelings, their opinion on a certain subject and also what do they think of girls. Haha. Sometimes I was quite amazed of how they handle things. And guys don't really think that much. Not like girls like me. It's good actually.

Sometimes I think til I got afraid wtf.

I think people should have conversations more often :)
Chatting via web and in person is different.

Sometimes, people could scold like F*** you in the web. But in person, they don't even dare to say it.
That is what I know from some people lah.

Okay so that's all. Have a good night! 

LIKE THIS by Wondergirls (Y)
The choreography is BE-FAB! 

Sep 4, 2012

It's going to take time

Three words. I miss blogging.

It has been such a long time since I post a proper blog post. I want to find time to blog but I just can't find the time to do so. I'm sorry my dear readers(If I have any lol, fml) but I'm not going to update anything at the moment. I am having my end year test soon, in roughly four weeks time.

I know it seems like such a long time. But there is a lot happening around me now. Especially school work. Ugh. When will it end? Oh ya, I know....after my final examination -.- Fml. I hate the pressure and the looks on our teachers face to urge us to study now. Sorry, but I'm not that diligent.

Albeit so, it's my responsibility to study as a student. Everyone go through this period of life.

Okay maybe you all are getting bored. Ngeh. Just going to type off now.

Anyways, a photo to remember me :P (If anyone is I talking to myself? Sht, foreveralone level 87)

To be honest, actually..blogging is like, talking to yourself. i guess that's why I like to blog a lot wtf.

I personally love this photo of mom and I a bunch!

I want to go for a vacation again! :(

PS: Since I can't afford to buy a semi-pro camera like the Samsung SmartCamera, Olympus Mini Pen, Nikon J1 and so on.....I joined a contest to win one of it!

I joined the Samsung Smart Camera contest. Why not take part too? Especially to those who are can't afford to buy a semi-pro camera, like yours truly. I don't come from a rich family. Most of the things that I want, I have to put my efforts in. Just like this and also this here. Next, I want to earn lots and lots of money for mom and dad and my two little sisters. Of course, after i graduated lah! Haiyoh.

Friendly reminder:

Money is so important! T.T