Aug 17, 2012

To The Beautiful You !

Today is all about k-pop ! It has been a very long time that I've mention anything about K-pop here :P
To those who dislike, sorry. Heh *evil smile*

"The highly anticipated SM Ent drama, ‘To the Beautiful You‘ starring SHINee’s Minho and F(x)’s Sulli is set to be released on August 15th, but SM Ent decided to momentarily relieve our anticipation with a 10 minute highlight clip."

I can just say, OH MY GOSH! This drama is amazing. The first episode drives me crazy. Making me anxiously waiting for episode 2. I just finished my 2nd episode. I bet the rating just burst lol. First, Exo appeared. Woah good enough. Then, Minho and Sulli kissed. Rating, damaged. Hahahahaha.

Now I'm waiting for episode 3. Zomg. Need to wait for two days. If not mistaken PPS won't update on weekends. Because that happens when i watch a Hong Kong drama. It doesn't updates on Saturdays and Sundays, so I have to wait til Monday. I guess this drama will be the same.

I've watched every versions of this drama. Originally from a Japanese manga. Hana Kimi. I've watched the Taiwanese version first actually. And it immedietly got me addicted. So I went to watch the Japanese version. Oh damn, addicted too! It was the best (Y). Then now comes the Korean version. Moreover I'm a k-pop fan, and a huge fan of Hana Kimi, that makes me KO just by watching this. *faints* lol.

Last but not least....a little photo spam on To The Beautiful You! 

Sulli can't get any prettier can she? *green with envy* (Y)
She looks good even in short cut! Daebak to the max

Minho and Sulli (Top)
Sulli and Lee Hyun Woo (Bottom)

Hyun woo showed overload cuteness in this drama lol. Overload I tell you!
Minho couldn't get more handsome omg! 

Yeah warning, k-pop fever on!

"Sulli teared up when she had to cut her hair." -KpopStarz-


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