Aug 15, 2012

Speeeeed Update!!!

Okay my title look so excited. I should have reduce the (!) but yeah never mind lah, it looks nice that way, somehow. Heh.

I'm updating this as fast as I could because in two minutes my favourite drama is starting! YAY.

It's been awhile since I did some art work. I didn't grab hold of my paint brush for such a long time!

It's not pretty but anyways I tried to. Don't blame me for wasting your time lah T.T

I drew my sisters names! Priscilla, Esther, Apple. PEA <3 !

A sudden thought of doing this because I wanted my sisters to involve doing this but ended up, I did everything by my own. 

Yours truly and my so called masterpiece hahahaha!

*coughs* It's not finish actually. Haha. Well, it's too obvious isn't it?

Anyhow, my sisters liked it (don't mention my little sister lah, she likes everything except kuey teow). So that matters only. They like it, settled :) Thank you for letting me paste it in your room! Heheheh.


Forced smile lol. I got tired. Didn't nap in the evening like I always do.
I wanted to show how messy I got. 

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