Aug 18, 2012

Something to share

I want to share something with you guys...

How sad... lol. You guys so realistic 1 lorh. (Y) -.-


Hello peeps! My photo of the day! *screams*

My k-pop fever definetly have rise again. Sorry if I bored you guys. Heh.

Anyhowwwww, I just notice I have 11 essays to be done this holidays. Kill me please. To my surprise, all of the essays must be written not less than 350 words :) How pleasing. I love my teachers to the max :)
(You can tell I'm faking my smile right? lol)

Turns out my holidays won't be so free after all. Sigh. 11 essays can keep me busy the whole holidays. Damn, I don't want these peepos to disturb me during my break. Therefore, I shall and will, complete it as fast as I can ;)

(Macam YES -.-)

#daHell lah, I can't finish it as fast as I could T.T

Do you guys have any homeworks during your holidays?
If you do, yeah we're on the same boat. Hi 5 bro!
If you don't, no sweats lah you. Ish! *green with envy* *Y U NO HOMEWORK*

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