Aug 10, 2012

Oh I'm back!

"Omg today is so hot!"

Yeah that's my caption lol

Hello bosses!
Hope that photo didn't scare you wtf. Btw I am having a good hair day so I got a little vain. My vanity pop-ed out all of sudden. Maybe because exam is finally over :D Imma so happy I tell you all!

I'm not gonna tell you about how exam was this time because I notice I always nag about my results and the exam papers. I'll rant about it during October, my end year test. So be ready lah! Lol

So what did you guys missed?
This will be another Bits & Pieces post btw :)

It's Lil' Ailyn 2nd Birthday! OMG she is two years old! 
Just remember back then when she was only 2.95kg T.T So small. So innocent. So cute (now still cute lah).
I saw her grow up. Every step. It's really amazing how a baby grow up. From just sleeping, then turning around, sit down, crawling, walking, jumping and running.
I'm proud to say that I saw how my sister grow in every stage :)

The two year old with mom and dad :)
She moved, that's why it was blurry, adui. and dad love her so much. The dress she's wearing is her birthday present btw. It was a gift from my aunt. Too bad Est and I were not in the photo, aiyah :/

It was also my little cousin bro birthday too!
His birthday was on the 31st of July. We attended his birthday party! Yay :) I made him a card for his birthday since I guess that is the only thing I do best wtf. He like it so much! Yeah, epic achieved.

This was prepared by my aunt. She could cook all sort of dishes. Mainly Japanese (omg!) This is one of my favourite! POTATO BALLS OMG! *drools* Imagine, potato covered by a layer of crispy bread crumbs. Fried til perfection! OMGGGGG.

Okay lah sorry, I got too happy and excited when it comes to my friend, Potato.
Bear with me ;)

I guess my photo caption explains all.
WTF RIGHT?! So much food, how can I not be fat? Only two dishes in the photo was prepared by my mom. The others was prepared by my aunt. I told ya she could cook and I meant by quantity and quality.
Seriously my aunt is a power woman. I salute her (Y)

The birthday boy and I!
In another few years time, I think he'll be taller than me already. Next time I don't have to bend down and take picture already hahahaha.

Okay peeps, I'm getting back ache and eye soar #likeaGrandma -.- Okay, joking lah. That's all for today. I'll update more often now since, well, exam is over *heh*. So yeah, come back tomorrow!
Promise to update, i think :P

Til then...., cover your mouth?


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