Aug 13, 2012

Nuffnang Movie Premiere - Step Up Revolution !

First and foremost, want to thanks Nuffnang for the movie tickets. It was the BEST movie to kick start the month of August. Can't thank them enough, really.

The 50 winners can start collecting our tickets at the Nuffnang counter starting 8.45pm. I went there around that time and I thought I would be early and thinking "Hmm...maybe I could even get A or B row.." But I was wrong....

So many other people were earlier. There was queue waiting for me. I've deleted the photo of the queue because it was too blur. It was long. But turns out I queue at ChurpChurp's line, I should have queued at Nuffnang's line. Lol. Nuffnang line was very short only actually haha. 

The friendly Nuffies and Churpies.

Although I went there at 8.45pm, I got J row. Imagine those people who got A row. I know right haha.

I wanted to move my body and dance around the moment the movie started. It's those kinda of movie that can make you move (Y) Duh, it's a dance movie. STEP UP REVOLUTION. I'm not gonna make a review on this movie as I'm not good at reviews and different people have different point of views. So yeah, why not try stepping up this weekend? :) It's a worth of try. In my defense, it is one heck of a movie. Can be said as one of my favourite movie for this year.


  1. OMG I was there too at this screening! I was one of the few early ones too but I got around F? Cause few of those upper ones are given to Nuffnang winners :/ I got Churp2 one.

  2. I got J. Lower than you worh haha. Yeah I knew you won when I saw your tickets on your blog. I was OMG, you went to the screening too?! Sigh, should have snap a photo with you. *shy*


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