Aug 25, 2012

Melacca's Baba Cendol!

Located in Jonker Walk at stall Jonker88. Only in Melacca!

They sell the best cendol in town! So why not have a try?!

Not to forget, they sell delicious, mouth watering Nyonya Laksa and Assam Laksa. It was sensational. Creamy! I couldn't forget the taste. You may think I am exaggerating, but the fact is I really love their food! Furthermore, each bowl cost only RM5++! And it is not small in portion. I mean some stalls (in KL), are so expensive yet so served in small portions, and sometimes not to mention, not up to the taste.

It's still your choice and your tongue to judge.

My family and I have almost the same taste buds, so we all agree's delicious and worth to eat.

The environment is very pleasing too. It has a unique antique style that I love a lot.

Gula melacca in the Baba Cendol tasted so good. It was just nice! The stall, Bibik Nyonya/Bibik Cendol (I forgot the name), the gula melacca was too concentrated for me and it was pricey. RM4.00. And the place wasn't decorated as nice as Jonker88. Luckily I bought one bowl only.

(Still, like I say, it's your own tongue to judge)

The interior. Antique lamps. Different money bills from all over the country hung on against the walls. A guy with a red shirt. lol.

The place is packed! It's hard to get an empty seat. I went there two times and it is really crowded but not as crowded like the satay celup restaurant (I'll mention this in my next post). Or maybe beacuse it's the holidays. But still, the food is so good (I mention too many times already, I'm sorry :P)

Nyonya Laksa.
(I'm so sorry, but I can't really remember the full name of this dish. I guess it should be called Nyonya Laksa. If you are there, just called the one that many people orders. I think I didn't get the name wrong, maybe)

Assam Laksa
(Okay, this one I am quite sure about the name)

The youngest one is not left out to try too! (Not the curry of course) Baba Cendol!

Photos of ancient people. Mao Shi Tong, the revolutionist. 

You don't get to see antique typewriters like this nowadays!

I really love the antique theme of their stall.

Lastly, a photo of dad and I.

Opss sorry dad, snapped only from your forehead and below! Hahaha.
I have to tip toe whenever I want to snap a photo of myself and him.

Sadly to say, I am the shortest in my family. For now, not yet. Because I know soon, the youngest one will be tallest (I guess). She jumps like 100+ times per day?

It was definetly a shocker when I went to her last check up. Three months ago she was 71cm, after three months, she is 86cm! 15cm in three months! Okay lah maybe because babies growing stage is rapid. But still, green with envy... lol.

Hmm...155cm + 15cm = 170cm ! *evil grin*

(Super model height!!!)

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