Aug 22, 2012

Melacca Day Two :D

My shot of the day.

I was having a morning stroll by the river today and it was so relaxing. There wasn't much people around. If there were people, it will be the locals setting up their stall and also photographers.
Along the river, I saw a number of photographers. With their dslr and all. And I held onto my Canon digital camera and looking at the pro snapping their shot. Thumbs up I tell you.

I can come to a conclusion that, it's hard to tell if someone is a photographer.
Because, from what I see in Melacca itself, all of them don't have the same looks.
Like let's say sometimes you can tell by one's appearance that he/she is a doctor, lawyer or so on.
But a photographer, you can't tell by one's appearance.

Erm, or is it we can tell by anyone's appearance about his/her job?

Okay just cancel everything I typed above.

Anyhowwww, I am going to sleep now since it's getting really late and I need to have a good night rest.

I will update more when I reach home :)

Goodnight/Good morning!

Oh btw, this is Jonker88. Which is well known for having the BEST CENDOL in town!
Just see the queue! (Y)

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