Aug 20, 2012

Making Bread Sushi (How to)

Oh I'm blogging during late nights wohoo.

Ever heard of Bread Sushi? It's basically sushi made of bread instead of seaweed and rice. Mom and I have an idea of doing this after we watch a cooking programme that made Bread Sushi.

Cut off the bread skin. If not it's harder to roll and results a harder bread sushi. Says the guy in the cooking programme.

This is the most basic. Of course you can mix and match your own selections :)

I added slices of cheese on top, my own mix and match. Still, it's your choice. After all, sushi is very flexible!

It may not look so good but hey, at least it taste great! For me, taste matters more than looks.

If it looks nice but taste like sh*t, then I'm so disappointed. If it looks like sh*t, but tasted like OMG, then I'm so impressed.

Do you agree? Heh.

Like I said, it's all up to you to mix & match your sushi.
Perhaps share to me some of your ideas? ;)

Good luck in trying! 

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