Aug 21, 2012

Greetings from Melacca!

Apa khabar wahai pembacaku! :D
I'm currently in Melacca! I guess you figured it out when you saw my title. Shocking isn't it? I rarely blog when I'm on vacation. Well, thanks to the hotel here that provides wifi on every floor! Yay!

I am very satisfied with the hotel by the way.

Our journey from Mentakab to Melacca took 3 hours and a half. We stopped by Kg. Sri Kerayong after 1 hour of journey. We took our breakfast there.

No photos of the food as I was so blur at that moment.

The next time I woke up, I was already in Melacca. The well known historical town. It has been 8 years since I been there. The last time I went there was during my primary school field trip, when I was 8 years old. So yeah, it's nice to visit Melacca again after such a long time :)

When we arrived, we straight away hunt for food because by that time it was already 12pm+. Our stomachs went grumbling already. Weird. Maybe because we were all excited. Or maybe my sister and I were the only ones excited lol.

On this trip, I decided to snap more of the local people. So here is my first shot. It's not that good but I try to improve my skills.

A local satay seller.

Next mom and I decide to walk along the streets of Melacca. Since it was scorching hot (-.-), we bought some nyonya cendol. Melacca is best for their Nyonya and Portuguese delicacies (correct me if I'm wrong), so yeah we gave it a shot. We made the right choice for doing so!

RM3.50 per cup/bowl. 

On our way back to out hotel, I saw this background that I often see during portrait shooting. So I asked mom, "Mom, stand here stand here". She said, "Why?*innocent confused face*".

"I snap you a portrait kay? :D"


Okay lah, maybe I failed. Don't boo me -.- But I love this photo a lot because it's my mom's portrait.
I loveeeee her cute small eyes hahaha. Her eyes is less visible whenever she smiles hahaha. So cute :P

I am quite happy with this shot actually. I got quite a good result of editing :D

A view from my hotel window. I was amazed!

This is another photo of mom and I haha. I asked her to stand next to me and *snap* :D

I like the murals drew. It's called mural is it?

I don't know what is this place called again but the dragon just makes me wanna snap this place!
But I'm not satisfied with it hmm... :\

Note: I was in a moving vehicle when I snap yeah....can be taken into consideration lah! haha

My sister and I went like "Wah got McDonald leh! Wha got GSC. Wah got nichii!".
Like never been to a city before lol.

A night view from my window. Low quality but nah..that will just do it ;P


I went to Jonker Street today too but I'll update in a different post because there is just too many photos taken there!


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