Aug 11, 2012

#3 Outing - Karaoke !

Aloha cousins :D
How I love to sleca in Giza. You will look 2x fairer! and like 2x prettier? lol vainity

Credits to PeiErn's new smart camera and my hand lol.

Yeah, I'm back with another post! You guys happy not? Never mind lah, I know I'm happy :)

Just came back from Sunway Giza with ze friends. It was a nice one.

After every exam, there will always be a day for us to go out and treat ourselves with nice food, shopping, movie or even karaoke! :D

Taken with PeiErn's new smart camera! OMG nice gile wei.

First and foremost, let me introduce to my second best friend.....FOOD :)

Yeap, Ichiban Boshi. We went there to have lunch.

Omg this tasted so good.

Chungjie's executive meal. Executive wei -.- So class hor. It's cheese on top actually.

And this is Spicy Fired Chicken with Cereal. C.R.I.S.P.Y

Ths is not on the menu. It's Chungjie and yours truly, Prisong :)
Just notice his face is so small and oval and mine is so big and circle wtf.

After lunch, what else? Time to sing our lungs out!
All the photos below are selca's only. So please be aware. A friendly reminder to to weak hearted. LOL.

Collage of ze friends. Credits to Voonwei.

Oh my biatch, PeiErn :) ! Here idea to poke my face. Woah it turns out fine! (self-obsession again, slap me)

With Voonwei! The girl who scared me out of sudden. She wanted to kiss me!! LOL. Fake kiss la of course. Seriously she shocked me. Coz I would never have thought she would take selca of fake kiss.
(See the first photo of the collage hahaha)

Group photo! :) Chungjie was the one holding the camera, that's why his face was a little....well..... hahahaha :P

LOL without the Y! Incomplete ah 

HAHAHAHA! Epic failed. We tried to make someone's selca pose. It's his signature pose and we treid to do it. But failed lol.

My strong will to sing Payphone during karaoke is ACCOMPLISHED. Okay now I'm a happy girl. Adios peeps, have a good night.

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