Aug 30, 2012

Loving You by SISTAR

I hope LOLY will have a vacation of our own in the future! :) ♥

♬Loving You by Sistar

Aug 25, 2012

Melacca's Baba Cendol!

Located in Jonker Walk at stall Jonker88. Only in Melacca!

They sell the best cendol in town! So why not have a try?!

Not to forget, they sell delicious, mouth watering Nyonya Laksa and Assam Laksa. It was sensational. Creamy! I couldn't forget the taste. You may think I am exaggerating, but the fact is I really love their food! Furthermore, each bowl cost only RM5++! And it is not small in portion. I mean some stalls (in KL), are so expensive yet so served in small portions, and sometimes not to mention, not up to the taste.

It's still your choice and your tongue to judge.

My family and I have almost the same taste buds, so we all agree's delicious and worth to eat.

The environment is very pleasing too. It has a unique antique style that I love a lot.

Gula melacca in the Baba Cendol tasted so good. It was just nice! The stall, Bibik Nyonya/Bibik Cendol (I forgot the name), the gula melacca was too concentrated for me and it was pricey. RM4.00. And the place wasn't decorated as nice as Jonker88. Luckily I bought one bowl only.

(Still, like I say, it's your own tongue to judge)

The interior. Antique lamps. Different money bills from all over the country hung on against the walls. A guy with a red shirt. lol.

The place is packed! It's hard to get an empty seat. I went there two times and it is really crowded but not as crowded like the satay celup restaurant (I'll mention this in my next post). Or maybe beacuse it's the holidays. But still, the food is so good (I mention too many times already, I'm sorry :P)

Nyonya Laksa.
(I'm so sorry, but I can't really remember the full name of this dish. I guess it should be called Nyonya Laksa. If you are there, just called the one that many people orders. I think I didn't get the name wrong, maybe)

Assam Laksa
(Okay, this one I am quite sure about the name)

The youngest one is not left out to try too! (Not the curry of course) Baba Cendol!

Photos of ancient people. Mao Shi Tong, the revolutionist. 

You don't get to see antique typewriters like this nowadays!

I really love the antique theme of their stall.

Lastly, a photo of dad and I.

Opss sorry dad, snapped only from your forehead and below! Hahaha.
I have to tip toe whenever I want to snap a photo of myself and him.

Sadly to say, I am the shortest in my family. For now, not yet. Because I know soon, the youngest one will be tallest (I guess). She jumps like 100+ times per day?

It was definetly a shocker when I went to her last check up. Three months ago she was 71cm, after three months, she is 86cm! 15cm in three months! Okay lah maybe because babies growing stage is rapid. But still, green with envy... lol.

Hmm...155cm + 15cm = 170cm ! *evil grin*

(Super model height!!!)

Aug 22, 2012

Melacca Day Two :D

My shot of the day.

I was having a morning stroll by the river today and it was so relaxing. There wasn't much people around. If there were people, it will be the locals setting up their stall and also photographers.
Along the river, I saw a number of photographers. With their dslr and all. And I held onto my Canon digital camera and looking at the pro snapping their shot. Thumbs up I tell you.

I can come to a conclusion that, it's hard to tell if someone is a photographer.
Because, from what I see in Melacca itself, all of them don't have the same looks.
Like let's say sometimes you can tell by one's appearance that he/she is a doctor, lawyer or so on.
But a photographer, you can't tell by one's appearance.

Erm, or is it we can tell by anyone's appearance about his/her job?

Okay just cancel everything I typed above.

Anyhowwww, I am going to sleep now since it's getting really late and I need to have a good night rest.

I will update more when I reach home :)

Goodnight/Good morning!

Oh btw, this is Jonker88. Which is well known for having the BEST CENDOL in town!
Just see the queue! (Y)

Aug 21, 2012

Greetings from Melacca!

Apa khabar wahai pembacaku! :D
I'm currently in Melacca! I guess you figured it out when you saw my title. Shocking isn't it? I rarely blog when I'm on vacation. Well, thanks to the hotel here that provides wifi on every floor! Yay!

I am very satisfied with the hotel by the way.

Our journey from Mentakab to Melacca took 3 hours and a half. We stopped by Kg. Sri Kerayong after 1 hour of journey. We took our breakfast there.

No photos of the food as I was so blur at that moment.

The next time I woke up, I was already in Melacca. The well known historical town. It has been 8 years since I been there. The last time I went there was during my primary school field trip, when I was 8 years old. So yeah, it's nice to visit Melacca again after such a long time :)

When we arrived, we straight away hunt for food because by that time it was already 12pm+. Our stomachs went grumbling already. Weird. Maybe because we were all excited. Or maybe my sister and I were the only ones excited lol.

On this trip, I decided to snap more of the local people. So here is my first shot. It's not that good but I try to improve my skills.

A local satay seller.

Next mom and I decide to walk along the streets of Melacca. Since it was scorching hot (-.-), we bought some nyonya cendol. Melacca is best for their Nyonya and Portuguese delicacies (correct me if I'm wrong), so yeah we gave it a shot. We made the right choice for doing so!

RM3.50 per cup/bowl. 

On our way back to out hotel, I saw this background that I often see during portrait shooting. So I asked mom, "Mom, stand here stand here". She said, "Why?*innocent confused face*".

"I snap you a portrait kay? :D"


Okay lah, maybe I failed. Don't boo me -.- But I love this photo a lot because it's my mom's portrait.
I loveeeee her cute small eyes hahaha. Her eyes is less visible whenever she smiles hahaha. So cute :P

I am quite happy with this shot actually. I got quite a good result of editing :D

A view from my hotel window. I was amazed!

This is another photo of mom and I haha. I asked her to stand next to me and *snap* :D

I like the murals drew. It's called mural is it?

I don't know what is this place called again but the dragon just makes me wanna snap this place!
But I'm not satisfied with it hmm... :\

Note: I was in a moving vehicle when I snap yeah....can be taken into consideration lah! haha

My sister and I went like "Wah got McDonald leh! Wha got GSC. Wah got nichii!".
Like never been to a city before lol.

A night view from my window. Low quality but nah..that will just do it ;P


I went to Jonker Street today too but I'll update in a different post because there is just too many photos taken there!


Aug 20, 2012

Making Bread Sushi (How to)

Oh I'm blogging during late nights wohoo.

Ever heard of Bread Sushi? It's basically sushi made of bread instead of seaweed and rice. Mom and I have an idea of doing this after we watch a cooking programme that made Bread Sushi.

Cut off the bread skin. If not it's harder to roll and results a harder bread sushi. Says the guy in the cooking programme.

This is the most basic. Of course you can mix and match your own selections :)

I added slices of cheese on top, my own mix and match. Still, it's your choice. After all, sushi is very flexible!

It may not look so good but hey, at least it taste great! For me, taste matters more than looks.

If it looks nice but taste like sh*t, then I'm so disappointed. If it looks like sh*t, but tasted like OMG, then I'm so impressed.

Do you agree? Heh.

Like I said, it's all up to you to mix & match your sushi.
Perhaps share to me some of your ideas? ;)

Good luck in trying! 

Aug 18, 2012

Something to share

I want to share something with you guys...

How sad... lol. You guys so realistic 1 lorh. (Y) -.-


Hello peeps! My photo of the day! *screams*

My k-pop fever definetly have rise again. Sorry if I bored you guys. Heh.

Anyhowwwww, I just notice I have 11 essays to be done this holidays. Kill me please. To my surprise, all of the essays must be written not less than 350 words :) How pleasing. I love my teachers to the max :)
(You can tell I'm faking my smile right? lol)

Turns out my holidays won't be so free after all. Sigh. 11 essays can keep me busy the whole holidays. Damn, I don't want these peepos to disturb me during my break. Therefore, I shall and will, complete it as fast as I can ;)

(Macam YES -.-)

#daHell lah, I can't finish it as fast as I could T.T

Do you guys have any homeworks during your holidays?
If you do, yeah we're on the same boat. Hi 5 bro!
If you don't, no sweats lah you. Ish! *green with envy* *Y U NO HOMEWORK*

Aug 17, 2012

To The Beautiful You !

Today is all about k-pop ! It has been a very long time that I've mention anything about K-pop here :P
To those who dislike, sorry. Heh *evil smile*

"The highly anticipated SM Ent drama, ‘To the Beautiful You‘ starring SHINee’s Minho and F(x)’s Sulli is set to be released on August 15th, but SM Ent decided to momentarily relieve our anticipation with a 10 minute highlight clip."

I can just say, OH MY GOSH! This drama is amazing. The first episode drives me crazy. Making me anxiously waiting for episode 2. I just finished my 2nd episode. I bet the rating just burst lol. First, Exo appeared. Woah good enough. Then, Minho and Sulli kissed. Rating, damaged. Hahahahaha.

Now I'm waiting for episode 3. Zomg. Need to wait for two days. If not mistaken PPS won't update on weekends. Because that happens when i watch a Hong Kong drama. It doesn't updates on Saturdays and Sundays, so I have to wait til Monday. I guess this drama will be the same.

I've watched every versions of this drama. Originally from a Japanese manga. Hana Kimi. I've watched the Taiwanese version first actually. And it immedietly got me addicted. So I went to watch the Japanese version. Oh damn, addicted too! It was the best (Y). Then now comes the Korean version. Moreover I'm a k-pop fan, and a huge fan of Hana Kimi, that makes me KO just by watching this. *faints* lol.

Last but not least....a little photo spam on To The Beautiful You! 

Sulli can't get any prettier can she? *green with envy* (Y)
She looks good even in short cut! Daebak to the max

Minho and Sulli (Top)
Sulli and Lee Hyun Woo (Bottom)

Hyun woo showed overload cuteness in this drama lol. Overload I tell you!
Minho couldn't get more handsome omg! 

Yeah warning, k-pop fever on!

"Sulli teared up when she had to cut her hair." -KpopStarz-


Aug 15, 2012

Speeeeed Update!!!

Okay my title look so excited. I should have reduce the (!) but yeah never mind lah, it looks nice that way, somehow. Heh.

I'm updating this as fast as I could because in two minutes my favourite drama is starting! YAY.

It's been awhile since I did some art work. I didn't grab hold of my paint brush for such a long time!

It's not pretty but anyways I tried to. Don't blame me for wasting your time lah T.T

I drew my sisters names! Priscilla, Esther, Apple. PEA <3 !

A sudden thought of doing this because I wanted my sisters to involve doing this but ended up, I did everything by my own. 

Yours truly and my so called masterpiece hahahaha!

*coughs* It's not finish actually. Haha. Well, it's too obvious isn't it?

Anyhow, my sisters liked it (don't mention my little sister lah, she likes everything except kuey teow). So that matters only. They like it, settled :) Thank you for letting me paste it in your room! Heheheh.


Forced smile lol. I got tired. Didn't nap in the evening like I always do.
I wanted to show how messy I got. 

Aug 13, 2012

Nuffnang Movie Premiere - Step Up Revolution !

First and foremost, want to thanks Nuffnang for the movie tickets. It was the BEST movie to kick start the month of August. Can't thank them enough, really.

The 50 winners can start collecting our tickets at the Nuffnang counter starting 8.45pm. I went there around that time and I thought I would be early and thinking "Hmm...maybe I could even get A or B row.." But I was wrong....

So many other people were earlier. There was queue waiting for me. I've deleted the photo of the queue because it was too blur. It was long. But turns out I queue at ChurpChurp's line, I should have queued at Nuffnang's line. Lol. Nuffnang line was very short only actually haha. 

The friendly Nuffies and Churpies.

Although I went there at 8.45pm, I got J row. Imagine those people who got A row. I know right haha.

I wanted to move my body and dance around the moment the movie started. It's those kinda of movie that can make you move (Y) Duh, it's a dance movie. STEP UP REVOLUTION. I'm not gonna make a review on this movie as I'm not good at reviews and different people have different point of views. So yeah, why not try stepping up this weekend? :) It's a worth of try. In my defense, it is one heck of a movie. Can be said as one of my favourite movie for this year.

Aug 11, 2012

#3 Outing - Karaoke !

Aloha cousins :D
How I love to sleca in Giza. You will look 2x fairer! and like 2x prettier? lol vainity

Credits to PeiErn's new smart camera and my hand lol.

Yeah, I'm back with another post! You guys happy not? Never mind lah, I know I'm happy :)

Just came back from Sunway Giza with ze friends. It was a nice one.

After every exam, there will always be a day for us to go out and treat ourselves with nice food, shopping, movie or even karaoke! :D

Taken with PeiErn's new smart camera! OMG nice gile wei.

First and foremost, let me introduce to my second best friend.....FOOD :)

Yeap, Ichiban Boshi. We went there to have lunch.

Omg this tasted so good.

Chungjie's executive meal. Executive wei -.- So class hor. It's cheese on top actually.

And this is Spicy Fired Chicken with Cereal. C.R.I.S.P.Y

Ths is not on the menu. It's Chungjie and yours truly, Prisong :)
Just notice his face is so small and oval and mine is so big and circle wtf.

After lunch, what else? Time to sing our lungs out!
All the photos below are selca's only. So please be aware. A friendly reminder to to weak hearted. LOL.

Collage of ze friends. Credits to Voonwei.

Oh my biatch, PeiErn :) ! Here idea to poke my face. Woah it turns out fine! (self-obsession again, slap me)

With Voonwei! The girl who scared me out of sudden. She wanted to kiss me!! LOL. Fake kiss la of course. Seriously she shocked me. Coz I would never have thought she would take selca of fake kiss.
(See the first photo of the collage hahaha)

Group photo! :) Chungjie was the one holding the camera, that's why his face was a little....well..... hahahaha :P

LOL without the Y! Incomplete ah 

HAHAHAHA! Epic failed. We tried to make someone's selca pose. It's his signature pose and we treid to do it. But failed lol.

My strong will to sing Payphone during karaoke is ACCOMPLISHED. Okay now I'm a happy girl. Adios peeps, have a good night.