Jul 24, 2012

Tuesday - Blog Of The Moment

I think I'm having another small corner in my blog.

So I have this Bits & Pieces corner. Now I have another corner, named, Blog Of the Moment.

Check it out!

Basically, this corner is where I have fresh oven baked photos and post. To cut it short, it means I am blogging at the exact moment. Example: I snap a photo at 6pm then I straight away blog it here, let's say within 10 minutes or so. Er, oh gosh, I'm bad at explanation.

Anyhow, so here's my #1 Blog Of The Moment.

Captured just now.

*Notice she is wearing a wrong sized shoes! Hahaha...

She even try to wear it again when it slip off.

Such a clever girl lah :D

Freshly picked homegrown chilies! Mom and I planted these :) Didn't know it grew that fast!

Mom cooked soup bee hoon today. I ate two bowls of it. I wonder when will I lose some weight.

Thanks for the dinner!

Blog Of The Moment won't be post so often as I rarely have the sudden urge to blog at the exact moment.

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