Jul 8, 2012

To Remember

A few days ago, my best friend's dad have just passed away. It was a very shocking news indeed.

On the 5th of July, morning, my friend text me saying that she wasn't able to go to school as her there was an emergency about her dad. Told my friends in school about her absence, we all prayed for uncle to be safe and sound. After kawad practice, we decide to call her to ask what was her dad's condition. Just to make sure her dad and herself was alright. The three of us went to a nearby public phone and dialed her number.  Yee was the one who talked to her first. Voonwei and I just looked at her anxiously waiting for any response.
Out of sudden, Yee said "他爸爸去世了" with the most shocking expression ever. She held on to the phone and stared at us. I thought I heard wrongly. That wasn't the answer I was expecting, in fact, it wasn't what we expected at all! I could her Pei Ern's cry. Voonwei then took the phone and talked to Pei Ern but the only thing Voonwei could her was her cries. I didn't know what to do. Yee stood there numb still as she could not believe what she just heard. When Pei Ern was ready to speak, we ran out of coins, the call ended. We didn't have any coins anymore.

The three of us ran to the teacher's office to look for Miss Ong to borrow her phone. LOY was really worried :( We asked teacher if she could lend us her phone. We were really nervous. We didn't even know what to say if we called her, afraid of making her cry even more. So at last we choose to sms her. I texted her on behalf of LOY and hoped that she was alright. I think my hand shake when I was typing, not knowing to type what words and sentence.. Pei Ern, we were really worried. But then the recess bell rang, we had to get back in class. So teacher asked us to come back to see her after two periods to see Pei Ern's reply. We went back to class, distracted by the news that we still wondered if what Yee hear was right. We weren't paying attention at all. The only thing inside our mind was our friend, Pei Ern and her dad. Question marks were all over.

At 11.30am sharp, we ran into the teacher's office to see the reply. And then, we read it. It was real. Our hearts stop beating for a sec. Seriously. I can't believe. We can't believe it. Pei Ern text us that she was alright and thanks for the concern, her dad passed away this morning. Shocked. We went back in class. At that time, only the LOY and Miss Ong knew. We didn't plan of telling anyone because this was her privacy. She will tell it when she is ready. We sat at our places and stared for a moment. I tried to stay calm but inside my heart felt like a rock just smashed on it. Pei Ern, my best friend, I'm really sorry for the lost :( I thinked too much, and when I remembered her cries, I cried. I try to hid it but I couldn't. Voonwei saw it.

During BM class, Puan Ang asked about Pei Ern's dad. We lied to her as we promised not to tell anyone else first because it's Pei Ern's privacy. I'm sorry teacher, we are sorry. But later, Yee told teacher after getting Pei Ern's permission. I went home to make a phone call to Pei Ern when the school bell rang. I dialed her number and it rang, I was worried. She answered. I didn't know what to say. She cried. I cried. I felt really sad and worried that time.. I wanted to tell her to stay strong but I couldn't my tongue was tied up. I can't say it.

After lunch, I went back to school for kawad practice. I went there a little earlier so that I could tell them about Pei Ern's condition. By the time I reached there, Yee, Voonwei, CJ, Tif and Huamin were together, sitting on the round table at the front gate. I purposely brought my phone in case they wanted to talk to Pei Ern. When I sat down, Yee told me that they all knew already because Pei Ern didn't want to join kawad anymore and our commander knew the reason. I told them that I called Pei Ern to check her condition. As I tell them, Huamin asked me to stop cause she was about to cry. Then later I saw Yee's eyes watery, I saw Voonwei's face forcing herself to not cry, CJ face was all red, Tif was too. And soon I cried when I was telling them. I asked them if they want to call her. Voonwei called first. She wanted to talk to her alone. At first we all were more calm and not teary anymore but then I saw Voonwei eyes, red. I cried immediately. Voonwei said "你要坚强". She could say it, I couldn't. Yee and I were at the tembok there crying already. CJ also cried. Pipi and his friend stood nearby and stared at us, wondering why did we cried like hell. When Voonwei passed the phone to CJ, Yee saw her her crying. CJ talked to Pei Ern, she mistaken CJ for LCD lol. CJ replied back like, "我是ChungJie啦! 佩恩认不出我的声音啊!!!", with his eyes teary. Yee and I were hugging each other crying. Next was Tif, she talked to her alone too. Voonwei was there squatting down covering her face. Then it was Yee's turn. Yee kept saying "谁有黑眼睛我见不到人啊", wiping her tears. Then, I told Pei Ern, “佩恩,坚强啊坚强啊!”.
We ended the phone call by saying "Take care". Withing the conversations, we were crying and laughing at the same time. Trying to make her cheer up and laugh. When the call ended, we cried even more. There were so many people there, they could see that we were crying. I don't even care if there were people there.

Wiped our tears and stay calmed. I took a deep breathe in and out to stay calm. My eyes were red. Their was quite normal already. Yee's eyes was small only. CJ ears were red. Tif face maintained okay. Voonwei's too. My expression was obvious. We saw Xin Ru sitting there and said Hi to her. Chatting like normal. Then suddenly she asked, "Ah Yee why your eye so red?!". Yee said, "Something got into my eye!".
Then she asked me, "Pris, why your eye so red?". I said, "Ya meh?!".

On Friday, we decided to go to her dad's funeral. The five of us, Voonwei, Yee, CJ and Tif and myself. At first some of our classmates were going as well but due to some reasons they can't go later. We're very nervous actually. Thanks to my dad for fetching us there. It was my first time going to a funeral. I was very cautious of the Chinese customs. I don't want to offend anything. So we asked people around to know what should we do in a funeral.

Once we reach there, my heart was pounding. I can't wait to see my best friend, I can't wait to hug her, wanting to know that she is alright. I saw her there, doing some Buddha chanting. I saw her mom and greet her. Aunty lite some Chinese joss sticks for us to pray. Later we gave 白金. Pei Ern came towards us after she finish her chanting, teary eyes. Tif hugged her first then I hugged her. I hugged her so tight, I remembered. I cried behind. She didn't know. I wiped it fast before she could see it. Voonwei and Ye asked me not to cry because we have to be stronger for her to endure this. If she saw us crying, she will sure cry then. We chatted. Goof around. I try not to mention any thing sad. I ate alot lol. We even have a small peanut eating competition. Yee won, Vw 2nd, Cj 3rd, Tif 4th, I last lol. We try to make her laugh ;D Teased Tif and her new NONO lol. That made Pei Ern laughed haha.

Around 10.30pm, we went home. Sad to leave. Gave her a very big hug. Voonwei hugged someone for the first time. Making me and Yee envious lol. Pei Ern, you got Voonwei's first hug! :D I hugged her so many times. Yee face was so red whenever she sees Pei Ern. I also don't know why. Macam Pei Ern is her idol, she got shy lol. Hope to see our best friend soon again :)

Last night, I read tweets from Pei Ern. I went emotional. I wanted to cal her but there was no answer. I wanted to talk to her so badly and hug her. I called Yee then. We talked. We cried. Damnit, I can cry very easily. I was worry about my best friend. Just like Voonwei tweeted, "Everytime she say she's fine, I feel so pain". It's true. We LOY feel it. And last night we all cried. Yee and I salute Voonwei for being so strong. She can force herself not to cry. I am the weakest I guess. I cry very easily.

Yee and I talked alot last night. Family mainly.
Family is very important. We all know how family is important to us. That's why we must cherish every moment together. Dad always tell me, "There are moments in ever stage of life. Don't think about the future. Think about now. So now we all are together, so cherish the time we have now. Right here, right now".
And last night, mom and dad told me about giving birth. A mother sacrifice her life to give birth to her baby. Sometimes, a mother will die during the giving birth process. That's why it's important to love your parents. Mom used 10 bags of blood when she gave birth to Apple. That's a lot of blood. That is the reason why, people always say, a mother's sacrifices are irreplaceable.

Seems like I type so much in this post. This post mainly goes to my best friends, LOLY.
Together we stand, together we laugh, together we cry, together we bian tai(lol) and together we support each other. I LOVE YOU!


  1. Omg such a teary post! anyway, I love you guys! my dad would be glad that i have you all .

  2. I'm glad I have you guys too! Uncle, dont worry, we LOY are here for your daughter :)


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