Jul 10, 2012


Taken last year's December, Christmas, at my hometown. I just knew that my hometown have a very nice place for shooting photos. Coincidentally, there was a couple shooting wedding photos at this railway too! :D

Hello peeps! It's been such a rushing week!
My marching competition is this Saturday! and......I don't think my troop is ready :/
I enjoy marching a lot actually, but recently I dislike it a lot lah...
OhmyGeeeee! Damn. Big difference! But still, I'm gonna join marching.
My mom told me, "You so scare dark, then why join marching? 又怕黑又想march.."
Hahahahahaha! Thanks mom and dad for fetching me to and fro so often recently :D

 Mom also pampered me so much with my love one recently, yes, my love one is directly to Mr FOOD

My family kept nagging my mom not to cook such delicious food lol.

WE: Aiyohhhhh...don't cook so nice leh...later all of us getting fatter!

MOM: I cook very simple only leh. So simple yet so nice. Can't blame me.

Laugh out loud -.- Mom, I love you. Papa, we just gotta give up on asking her to do so. Let's start to exercise shall we? Hahahaha. Okay I mean, Esther and I have to start exercising. My dad and mom have been exercising so regularly. Applause for mom and dad, I'm the procrastinator here -.-

Just found an old photo from my pendrive. See the date! Taken 2 years ago. Aww...we both that time so fair. My skin so fair that time! Compare to now ugh! Can scare you readers away lol.

I miss my girl so much! Can't wait to see you this Thursday! :D

PS: Lol. Mom just called, "Eh want to dapao(bungkus) roti canai or not?". *facepalm. How to reach my devil body now ha? You tell me.

I tell you guys something. My parents always sometimes go supper after gym lol -.- Apalah yoh.

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